Rumor: DS remote play/Wii connection

With all of the talk revolving around the Sony PS3 and it's remote play to the PSP now gamers get a possible Wii to DS connection rumor.

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drunkpandas4114d ago

The Gameboy connectivity with the Gamecube was never that great. Hopefully they enhance it with the Wii and DS

ItsDubC4114d ago

Doesn't Pokemon Battle Revolution use the Wii-to-DS connection?

taz80804114d ago

Ok guys take it easy with the spell check...LOL
I am getting reported for mispelling "around" and now for the word "we"
I meant we as in we gamers, I will switch it right away for fear of moral outbreak.
Lighten up guys...
I wasnt aware but I think this could lead to different aspects of connectivity, i.e. remote play possibly??

DaEnforcer4114d ago

Like Ninty is copying, but nobody cries fould hmmm

ItsDubC4114d ago

Maybe cuz no one wants to be called out on the fact that Ninty's competitors copied the N64's analog controller that debuted 9 years ago and are still using it to this day.

no_more_heroes4114d ago

Matter of fact I thought there were already DS to Wii remote play games. Apparently not yet, though.

Basch4114d ago

You could argue Sony was copying when it entered the handheld market.

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The story is too old to be commented.