'Camping in CoD is for winners'

This week Ben Meikle makes the case for campers in issue 98 of Xbox World 360:

I would just like to defend my case on camping in multiplayer FPS, particularly CoD: MW2. I hear far too many people complaining about it and would like to openly admit I'm one of those campers!

It adds a sense of realism - camping is another way of survival and to complete your goal. In real warfare you don't see soldiers running around in front of enemy fire like a raving lunatic spraying bullets in all directions - if you did that in single-player campaign and especially on Veteran, you wouldn't last 30 seconds.

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ASSASSYN 36o2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I couldn't say it better myself. I camp in every fps game I play. I even did it in steel battalion loc. It is another hurdle my opponent must overcome. Some people take on the challenge and some die a whiny death. It sure is fun for me to watch people try. I don't care if you don't have fun. That is a personal problem.

arjman2925d ago

I take pleasure in killing you online.

That is all...

captain-obvious2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

i do run in to alot of campers in COD BO

but TBH most of the camping spots are just to easy to kill
so there is not a lot of it going on

and yah @ ASSASSYN 36o
i petty you

Nineball21122925d ago

Ummm, shouldn't that be "pity" you? lol... just saying.

captain-obvious2925d ago

@ Nineball2112
yah im sorry for the typo
i have a headache so yah im not in my best shape right now

antz11042925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

F that camping garbage.

I might get a high death count by running around and hunting targets (which I find is VASTLY more fun than sitting in a corner for a round), but my kills are up there too.

shiner2925d ago

It should say "Camping in CoD is for weiners"

kaveti66162925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

If you guys have fun killing campers (I do, too) and some of you have fun camping, then it's a perfect relationship.

I mean, how can you hate camping if you like killing campers. Camping makes the game enjoyable for both parties. Sure, I get frustrated when some guy I can't see is sniping me from across the map over and over again, but when I finally find him and perform an assassination on him, it's a good feeling that makes the game more fun.

So, campers, camp.

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RedDead2925d ago

That map crisis is fu**ing retarded, it absolutely perfect for spawn camping and Trapping, and alot of pric*s do spawn camp.

redDevil872925d ago

Worst map in the game. Everytime that map gets chosen i just back out.

Soldierone2925d ago

Spawn camping is the entire reason I hate campers! I had a person say it took skill and our team was just mad because we didnt have the "skill" to do it back to them.

Next match, my entire team rushes to their side and sits there obliterating the idiots saying that and within five minutes they all quit.

visualb2925d ago

you act so conceited and full of yourself its pathetic...

you also act as if camping is a skill, where in fact its to make up for the absence of skill

i'd like to see you play a good match without camping...but I don't see that happening =)

oh well, I love campers - easy kills, since most campers are dumb as f****

BattleAxe2925d ago

You would get PWNED NOOB.

BattleAxe2924d ago

PM from Visualb:

""I'm getting called "noob" by someone who "camps"

the irony. Only "noobs" camp

camping is a "noob" tactic, devised by "noobs" that kept getting their ass served to them in every game, thus, compensate by hiding in the corner like a little baby.

thats why I love them =) campers are usually THE WORST PLAYERS in a game, thus, easy pray =) people like you are too easy to play against.

but hey, go back to camping in COD kid, leave the real games for real gamers ;) maybe when you grow up and realize camping is quite pathetic and pointless, you'll move on.


P.S. stop writing like that, its a dead give away that you're 14. at least type concisely like an educated person.

P.S.S And you could never "pwn" me because I don't play COD, because COD is filled with little kids like you. Get BF, KZ2 or BF:BC2 on the PS3, then we'll talk
(and by talk, I mean i'll make you throw you controller at the tv in rage)

P.S.S.S- Im blocking you because I KNOW you'll just rebuke these claims with immature slurs, profanity, and general stupidity, and I have no time for that. I feel this is enough to set the record straight:

you camp = you suck""

Thanks for the PM you frickin noob. Now the question is, why comment on a CoD article when you don't even play CoD? I think you're just mad because you suck, and you can't handle the fact that you would be better suited to playing Super Mario Bros. One last peice of advise....don't hate the player, hate the game :D

tacosRcool2925d ago

I hate you campers, it takes no skill to do so and thats why many people camp

ComboBreaker2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

NoobTubing on the other hand, takes a lot of skills, but the payoff is well worth it. LOL.

If you can't beat a NoobTuber, then you should kneel down before him, for he is a God.

tacosRcool2924d ago

Actually noobtubing also takes little to no skill. Once you got the angle right (which doesn't take long), you can kill everybody even people shooting at you first

ComboBreaker2923d ago

However, I was being sarcastic.

Crystallis2925d ago

LOL..This comment describes you.

""camping is for pussies who lack balls and are happy to hide in nuketown and do nothing for ten minutes but get a single kill. they might as well not be in the game for all the good they do.

ohh look,i've just got a kdr of 2 cos i killed 2 people and died once: i'd die of boredom""

BattleAxe2925d ago

I camp in CoD like a mother F*****. I've got a 2.11 K/D Ratio, because everyday I'm PWNING NOOBS that run around like its HALO or something. Like I always say, if people are getting mad, then that means they are dying alot LOL

antz11042925d ago

Like what?

2 kills to 1 death?

BORING and FAIL, lol.

NiiGhTx2925d ago

The CoD Community is the most hypocritical bastards I have ever seen in my life.

I remember in the CoD4 days everyone including the commentators on YouTube were the run-and-gun type of people and hated camping.

Now with MW2 and BO they say camping is good or camping is the way to go. And on top of that, they say they play defensively. LMAO

solar2925d ago

the CoD series rewards you for camping with killstreaks. so why wouldnt people camp? only when i snipe (which is very very few and far between) or if im on guard duty on a CTF round do i camp. i dont find it fun.

zeddy2925d ago

u have to camp to get a decent killstreak going or the stupid spawns will get ya.

RAZORLAND2925d ago

Go into the theatre mode of a camper, its like watching paint WATCHING paint dry.

arjman2924d ago

Sniping i don't mind too much (as long as their helping the team) but campers who just sit in the corner of a room by some doorway, with claymores set up, waiting for someone to walk past are the scum of the earth

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dannybohy2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I never camp, and I am the person running around like a nutter for my kills, and Im pretty much always at the top of the score board (cod4 and 5/PC)(I dont take any FPS player on a console seriously anyways as it requires little skill so might as well camp). This is what separates someone with Skill, with a little loser (Coward) who camps behind doors or in corners etc to gain any kills. How completely boring anyway to just find a spot and sit there!! only to gain an average score an be considered a total pondlife by other gamers. Moving about, avoiding fire, ducking and finding cover, getting killer shots on the move, thats skill you learn with practice, not from sitting down pressing one button, wow! mad skillz!?? I dont mind campers that much, because they only get me once a game and I always know why they are for that satisfying easy kill seeing as they dont have the imagination to even change there camp site location!....

xX TriiCKy Xx2925d ago

Why does almost everyone always say it takes "little skill" when comparing a console player to a PC player? It takes little fucking skill to point and aim a mouse. Any fucking 5 year old off the street could do that. It actually takes skill to use a controller and aim with an analog stick. This article is about camping in FPS games, not about the comparing and contrasting of PC players to Console players.

dannybohy2925d ago

lol! you keep telling yourself that chief!especially next time your fumbling over your chunky assisted aim mash pad, furiously trying to spray a few bullets into the approximate area of your enemy, yeh..lots of skill.By its nature console FPS gaming is dumbed down,and that a fact tha cant be argued, The comment on console/PC was a smallpart of my response regarding campers, you obviously have a complex, just enjoy it, dont worry about it, just a game.

The_Darkest_Red2925d ago

PC Elitists never fail to make me smile. :)

You obviously have no idea how skilled people can get at aiming with a joystick. Go watch any Halo sniping montage and let me know what you think.

But it's okay, none of this will make sense to you. You are, after all, a superior form of human being. You know, like that race of people Hitler was always talking about.

TekoIie2925d ago

PC gamers make me laugh. They always rant on about their Mouse and "Kid-free" games but they act just like those little kid fanboys when they try to bash consoles...

Weed2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

They both take skill to use. Mouse/keyboard just allow for a higher potential of accuracy and speed to be achieved. That's a fact, go look at competitive matches for consoles and compare them to a comp. PC matches. The difference in obvious. Comp. console matches look like pub games on the PC.

First video is a top 10 reel from MLG halo reach. Mind you it's a highlight showing the absolute best frags.

Second video is just 2 players fragging at each other in a quake 3 mod. no highlight real just 2 guys doing what they do all the time.

You can't argue that either one of these videos is void of skill.

On topic: Camping is a tactic like any tactic in FPSs It's only as good as the person using it. Camping doesn't require insane raw aim skill but it requires something just as important called game sense. If you can out think your opponents you don't need to aim better than them.

bagle992924d ago

You fuckwit. If you knew what you you were talking about you would realiase that your lame console games have AIM ASSIST. Even if you turn that gay shit off your gay console games still do it. Pc players own the shit out of console players. 2 pc players could easily destroy a whole team of console players.

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Jdoki2925d ago

I get bored if I play an FPS and just camp. Gets dull real quick for me. Would rather have a crappy Kill Ratio and have fun.

For those that do like camping, fair enough. Each to their own. And if that's how they get their kicks - good for them. it's all about having fun.

I just don't understand the appeal of running to the same one or two spots on a map and just sitting there and pressing one button to get a kill game after game after game.

Captain Tuttle2925d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself. I just find camping boring. I always play objective based games though, right now I can't stop plating Domination in BLOPS.

Highlife2925d ago

I hear you. I love playing domination and demolition when you have the right team. It's more fun to have a objective other than just kill.

christheredhead2925d ago

what I like about bc2 is there is no reward for camping so its to a minimum. you still see it for sure but it doesn't last long. campers don't bother me much either but that's what turned me away from cod. I never played modern warfare so I started with mw2 and absolutely hated it. you could be #1 with a nuke all from sitting in a corner. I don't own black ops nor have I played it. it looks better but mw2 has left me with a bad impression. just not my thing.

DarkFantasy2925d ago

cod4 is a tun better then Mw2,but im the same way,i like BFBC2 better i'm a awesome sniper iv beaten 95% of any sniper i have come across,i mostly play as assault tho i get bored when i snipe,only thing i hate about bfbc2 is it needs more stuff to unlock once you have every thing its not as fun,but i love the new map pack!

soundslike2925d ago

COD is an RPG. There will always be different roles that people create for themselves. Camper is one of them. But you can easily create a breach-er class to clean rooms safely in seconds. You have the tools. In fact, you have more tools than in more tactical games where you are expected to deal with the threat with only stun, flash grenades, and teamwork.
If people want the RPG elements they find so addictive, they're gonna have to deal with the freedom of play styles it entails even if some directly counter their play style. It's the nature of the beast.

TekoIie2925d ago

What play style is camping? Defensives what are pretty much every bad company game mode about? Attacking and defending. so there is a rewards for camping which is winning on the defensive side....

shiner2925d ago

I think thats what I like most about BC2. The front lines move around so much it almost makes it impossible to camp and if you try, you'll be sitting around for a looong time looking at trees and listening to the battle halfway across the map. Not to mention pissing off your squadmates.

I gave up on CoD after CoD4 and never looked back. Multiplayer sucks compared to KZ2, ET, and anything Battlefield.

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DarkFantasy2925d ago

i like killing campers,i do camp some times but only for 2-4 kills then i run around,keep on the move i normally avoid heavy trafic areas as much as i can.