Heavenly Sword review from SPOnG: 80%

Heavenly Sword is a graphical masterwork. It looks stunning, and the animation and acting are superb, with only a few very granular niggles. The gameplay is frustrating at times, but it's fluid and fun, offering a decent amount of variety. If you want a game to sit alongside MotorStorm in terms of showing what your buxom next-gen hardware can do, this is for you. Similarly, if you want a solid brawler, you'll get your money's worth here. If, however, you're expecting to be utterly blown away by the Next Big Game, you may be a little disappointed.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4118d ago

Be at Eb Games on Tuesday right? Or is it a delay till Wednesday?

MK_Red4118d ago

Ireally want to get this game with my PS3 but I have money for 2 retail games (Resistance & Lair) and a few PSN ones.

pacman6154118d ago

they gave it 80% , but yet he made it sound like everyone in the office was watching him play it like its some masterpiece, thats why i dont trust reviewers, he tells you himself he dont like action games, or watever he said, anybody that has a ps3 and dont pick this up is kicking themself in the ballz or whatever genetalia you have, i wonder what SPANK , gave god of war 1 and 2, you could say it gets repetitive in that , but i loved both of them , and for the record, i have played HS demo about a hundred times, and dont get old , they should have real gamers reviewing games, maybe they should sent out like a gamers score card with each copy of games from now on, and you rate the games and send them back to the company, then they will know if games suck or not , not just have 1 reviewer giving crappy scores bc he sucks at games, sorry for my 3 cents being so long

lonestarmt4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

I"m glad this is getting good reviews. I hope games learn from this and start to raise the bar in how storytelling can be in video games, and then we can finally shut up roger ebert!!

tough break Mk_Red!!

MK_Red4118d ago

Well said. BioShock, HS and many great games have come this year and if that Ebert had the smalles taste in art and the lowest of low understandings, he would have shut up long ago.

nasim4118d ago

i am already playing WOWHAWK for 8/10 hours every day.

WOWHAWK is the best game of 2007 on any console

Douchebaggery4118d ago

i might sound like a penis for saying this- but dude get a life

Darkiewonder4118d ago


I really need a new game to play, like really :D

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The story is too old to be commented.