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Miyamoto: I wanted original Donkey Kong to scroll

ONM: Shigeru Miyamoto has said that he wanted the original Donkey Kong game to scroll like his later Mario platformers. (Donkey Kong , Wii)

eagle21  +   1329d ago
I love Myamoto...it would have been awesome either way. But Retro Studios showed they can make Donkey Kong Country shine again! :)
ChickeyCantor  +   1329d ago
To be honest, the new enemies really do remind me of western cartoons. Its kinda standard.

Not saying it doesn't look great. But i think the enemies Rare came up with were far more awesome than the new one.

Does anyone knows if there is a mode where you die on one hit?
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eagle21  +   1329d ago
yes, there is a mode with one heart health that you unlock......and time trials..and something I won't spoil.

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