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Multiplayer For Dead Space 2 Was The “Most Requested” Feature From Fans

Dead Space 2’s executive producer, Steve Papoutsis, has said the reason Visceral included multiplayer in the sequel was because it was the “most requested” feature from the fans.

Speaking with GamerZines, Papoutsis said gamers wanted to be able to play the game with friends after finishing the single-player part of the story.

“Given that feedback we wanted to deliver a game that our players would enjoy and listening to what they listed as the number one feature addition made sense,” he said. (Dead Space 2, PC, PS3, Steve Papoutsis, Xbox 360)

poopface1  +   1442d ago
what dumbass fans wanted multiplayer in deadspace. I want a harder difficulty mode for SP.
Quagmire  +   1442d ago
Must've been COD Fanboys...

I hate what MP has done to this generation. That and DLC.
Jaces  +   1440d ago
Hell, let's tack some multiplayer on inFamous, Alan Wake, Fallout, GoW, The Last Guardian....everyone is doing it!

There are times to listen to fans and times to ignore their dumb ass. Dead Space 2 was going to be amazing with or without multiplayer.

solar  +   1442d ago
that a shit generation this has been. every game doesnt need MP.
WildArmed  +   1442d ago
Yes, but every MP needs a game......
Idk where I was going w/ that -.-
MuseManMike  +   1442d ago
I wanted multiplayer, in the sense of survival co-op mode. NOT competitive multiplayer.

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