Halo 2 Trivia Quiz

With the launch of Halo 3 only a few weeks away, it's time to close out the Halo 2 era. Test your general knowledge of the popular first-person shooter...

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ion6664093d ago

ok 1.this game was okay but not worth getting crazy over.
2.the fans over hyped this game way to much
3.multiplayer co-op was fun but lacked depth.
4.the music blows.
5.the parts when you fight as a alien sucked ass.
6.master cheif doesnt have a cool name just a f'ing rank("you dont even have a name badge youve got no chance"austin powers goldmember)
7.the weapons blow green guns
8.and to commerate a special baby pea shyt green x-cox 360
halo queer on the downlo