Capcom development updates and more on Resident Evil: Revelations and RE: Mercenaries

From Paul Gale Network: "Capcom updates Famitsu on the development status of Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Mercenaries. More details within, including running while shooting finally becoming a reality in one of the titles."

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TonykomatMK2782d ago

Wow Mercenaries is coming along quite well and looks like it might even be a launch title! 3DS will be bonkers come 2011.

Jackojwang2782d ago

70% down badass! Next up we need an update on Megaman Legends 3 Project.

TekkenSmithMachine2782d ago

Running and shooting confirmed by Capcom! Rejoice!

KellyKellyWWE202782d ago

If I remember correctly Capcom said that it wouldn't have any games available for day one but maybe a few months after.....

PoopyTheMac2782d ago

Mercenaries looks good but Revelations might as well be RE6 even though it comes befoer 5.

But then again SFIV comes before 3 so Capcom prolly could have called this 6 but I know they'll reserve that for the consoles.

halojane92782d ago

I can't wait for either.

I feel lik Cartman in the episode where he was waiting for a Wii and since he couldn't stand it anymore he went and froze himself. =)

Sun_e2782d ago

Cant wait for these games.

KellyKellyWWE202782d ago

I'm buying these for 3DS whenever they come out no matter what!

SurfnUSA2782d ago

When's 3DS' damn USA launch already!!!!???!!

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