NowGamer: Max Payne 3 Preview

NowGamer: "We know that bullet time is a staple of Max Payne, but given how long the game has taken to make, together with the mysterious shroud of PR blackout surrounding it lately, we reckon the developers themselves are making the game in slow motion. We’re happy to wait as long as it takes of course, as the first two Max Payne titles were a gun-happy, painfully depressing but kind of cool duo. Forgetting the Mark Wahlberg car crash of a movie tie-in, we’re ready to believe in Max again."

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Rom8282931d ago

Looking forward to this game and LA Noire... I love how Rockstar tells their stories.

fredfenster2931d ago

No new info at all. Actually, we all knew this months ago.

firion112931d ago

I hate these no info previews. It's just desperate bloggers summarizing what we already know and labeling it a preview. No, play the game first then its a preview.

gamerdude1322931d ago

What kind of trickery is this?!

I found this stuff out by the GameInformer issue back in around June or July of '09! Old news.

Bastards got my hopes up.

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The story is too old to be commented.