Batman gets a remake for PC, playable now.

From Paul Gale Network: "BatMan has received a remake and is now available to play online on PC. Try out the fan recreation for yourself."

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TonykomatMK2900d ago

LOL looks so *ahem* cute. I'll try it out.

Sun_e2900d ago

I never knew about this game.

Jackojwang2900d ago

I thought that The Batman on NES was the first ever...?

TekkenSmithMachine2900d ago

Nor have I and not sure I want to play it. I've noticed my tolerance for new "old style" games is waning slowly. Old games from the past are perfect still because there still in my mind as such but when new games come out in an old archaic format it's hard to get into - at least sometimes.

halojane92900d ago

Sorry but when I think of Adam West nowadays I think of Family Guy. JK I remebmer this game surprisingly though never owned it, its ok but the remake looks impressive.

SurfnUSA2900d ago

Some people have to much time on their hands and for that I'm thankful. =)

PoopyTheMac2900d ago

Doh' thought this was Asylum news. :/

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