USA Retail Preview for November 2010

VGC: "NPD will be releasing data regarding the performance of the USA videogame market December 9 at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. The data covers the four weeks ending November 27, 2010 (October 31 -Nov 27). Based on VGChartz data for the same period, we expect NPD to report the following information."

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Cyrus3652868d ago

It shall be interesting to see what each company did in terms of sales for Black Friday.

Death24942868d ago

It's VGChartz, so I wouldn't hold my breath on these numbers.

eagle212868d ago

Vgchartz has DS number one. And unlike Pachter they have 360 at 1,072,000 and Wii at 1,054,000. Nintendo didn't have COD to hide behind so I say Nintendo did best because December COD momentum will dramatically drop! I see Nintendo winning December.