FlatOut Wii Screenshots

Realm of Gaming shows new screenshots and box art for the upcoming Wii title.

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marioPSUC2930d ago

Looks good considering its on the Wii

matey2930d ago

looks rubbish 4 what wii can really do its about 5% of the wiis power but still looks ok but ive seen videos and they have messed the game up end of but its graphics are ok though when u look at burnout/gt ect on ps2 that had the worde hardware by far of last gen devs are really taking the piss on racing games if u ask me the only racing game that is out soon is Driver SF wii i have nintendo power scans here at home and the game has extreme good graphics as good as the 360 version just a slight different take this wii version is proper back to the roots which in these graphics is awesome Flatout has a good foundation 4 a sequel with all the bells and whistles u would expect online at least 12 cars on track and 70 cars to choose from ect do away with split screen and concentrate on adding more detail and u got a solid wii racer but 4 near future Driver as the proof ive seen it looks stunning and its getting 4 months of extra polish