The Tron Timeline: From Movie to Games to Movie

A quick walkthrough of the entire Tron timeline, from the 1982 film, through the video games and graphic novel, to Tron: Legacy. And where do the original arcade games and Tron 2.0 fit in all this?

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bbretterson2930d ago

I had no idea Tron's world was so incredibly confusing.

Cajun Chicken2930d ago

It's a real shame that the canon from Tron 2.0 has been taken out with this new timeline. That had some really good ideas, such as corruption in Tron, upgrade boxes, downloading emails and the evolved Tron world, such as recognisers becoming transit vehicles.

Here's hoping the new timeline is as good.

Sadie21002930d ago

Never played 2.0. Really that good?

JamesDeRosa2929d ago

I'll never understand why people like Tron.

Sadie21002929d ago

What?? Do you like sci-fi in general? It's such a cool, techy world...a video game world!

illegalyouth2929d ago

I agree. It feels just too cliché.

thecoffeemug2929d ago

Where does Tron guy factor into the timeline?

rod_furlong2929d ago

I think he's the equivalent of the Emperor in Star Wars.

SybaRat2929d ago

Cool article. Now we just need three or four TV shows to run for the next fifteen years to REALLY give Tron some continuity.

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