Clan support for COD4 Beta

Infinity Ward just took of the Rank Level lock, it got raised to level 16.

At Level 12, an option for clan tags will be available from now. Your squad members are now aware which clan you're fighting with. More weapons and perks are also supplied.

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TheMART4119d ago

Damn I want this game so bad... One of the big hitters this Christmas. Although Army of Two could surprise also!

sticky doja4119d ago

The multiplayer, to me, is as good as Halo 2, if not better.

TheMART4119d ago

Nah too bad, I'm from Europe... Don't need the Beta also, into Bioshock a lot lately. I'll just wait for COD4 the final game!

sticky doja4119d ago

Sweet. I wanna go home now and rank up. I wonder what new perks I can unlock now. Also I wish all the exp I have been getting at lvl 11 would just add on. If that were the case I would be lvl 16 already.

damnwrx4119d ago

Sh!t I'm with you on that, Fo Sure....along with HAZ3 & R&C....

DEADEND4119d ago

I seriously can't wait for this game to come out, can't Nov come any sooner.

FrostyMelon4119d ago

Who keeps approving xboxking news stories? They provide no new info and it's always the same press release everyone else posted. Not really news worthy.

TheMART4119d ago

Well maybe because it's already 5 hours old or so? And at that time this news just got to everyone that has the COD4 beta?

Nowadays news is fast to many sources all around the world. If a newsstory isn't posted on N4G yet, it's pretty hot and new. As long as stuff isn't a duplicate I guess it's fresh stuff. If not, it mostly doesn't get approved.

That's the system of newsposters that approve also. It needs 10 votes to get through. If you like to vote also, get poster status.