Dead Space 2 : Huge "Not To Be Missed" Update Promised This Week writes "The guys over at EA have a big surprise in store for fans this week. An update on Dead Space 2's Facebook page promises a "not to be missed" update. The following is taken form their Facebook page"

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Rampaged Death2902d ago

Fingers are crossed for a demo

BoneIdle2902d ago

Or multiplayer beta that would be cool

Rhezin2902d ago

no multiplayer beta, its horrible and shouldnt've been implemented into the Dead Space franchise. Why won't people just fucking realize that multiplayer does not belong in game surrounded and built up from a SINGLE PLAYER formula. Its wasted development time that could've been spent on the SP part of the game. Watch now 2k will follow suit with EA and have make Bioshock: Infinite have some sort of tacked on multiplayer. If I had eyes I'd roll them.