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Submitted by annexation 1817d ago | article

Convert Your Trophies Into Gamerscore

A simple way to figure out how many Xbox 360 gamerscore points your PS3 trophies are worth. (Culture, PS3, Xbox 360)

Lucreto  +   1818d ago
Just converted my score. I would have 17,241.

I don't know if that is any good.
Cevapi88  +   1817d ago
considering that i have 3,520...i think thats pretty damn good
RockmanII7  +   1817d ago
17,000 is above average but not anything mind boggling.
AssassinHD  +   1817d ago
My trophies convert to 22,744. The thing is I don't really put a lot of effort into getting trophies.
BiggCMan  +   1817d ago
23,782 for me. Of course, it's not perfectly accurate though. I have 14 platinums :D
WhittO  +   1816d ago
4,771 for me! lol :( I thought I was doing ok 3/4 through to level 8 haha.
I don't trophy hunt either, but some games really just give them away!
Headquarters11  +   1817d ago
Some PSN games have platinum trophies, i'm guessing this converter counts them as 1000 gamerscore as well? not very accurate
wsoutlaw87  +   1817d ago
not many though just the big ones and where did you get 1000 it counts platinums as 380 but the 360 doesn't even have a platinum equivalent.
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Beefstew4u  +   1817d ago
9541 for me. My actual gamerscore is 1600 lol.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1817d ago
i have a
LionheartAce  +   1817d ago
28,455... Not sure how I feel about myself now...
Nineball2112  +   1816d ago
I'm not too far behind you. Mine converts to 16,975.

Not too bad, I suppose.
Muffins1223  +   1816d ago
the avergae is 7-11 you have a good one
pixelsword  +   1813d ago
9744, Not bad for someone who also games on the PC/360

Only 3 plats, though.
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BrianG  +   1818d ago
The problem with this converter is all trophies are of equal value, a bronze is a bronze.

But with some games like Halo, where you get 100 gamerscore for beating the game on a certain difficulty, make this conversion difficult and inaccurate. That 100 score would be like a gold trophy, but other games give 60 score, which would be considered gold and so on.

But still kinda cool none the less.

EDIT: I'd have 14,174, got 6 platinums.
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huzzaahh  +   1817d ago
I have 13,215 and I have 7 Platinums :S
Simco876  +   1817d ago
Mine is 11998

I personally like trophies better. I mean its more enjoyable to have four different sets of numbers, than just one giant gamerscore.

But that's just IMO
sashimi  +   1817d ago
I only have 12,194 and i have 10 platinum. Guess that is average?
lex-1020  +   1817d ago
It's not
HappyGaming  +   1816d ago
10 platinums an average?

Maybe 2-3 is an average 10 is hardcore gaming (sometimes hardcore trophy whoring)
sashimi  +   1816d ago
I only platinum games i like usually that require no online trophies :)
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Mc Fadge  +   1817d ago
18746, 10 Platinum, 60 Gold, 209 Silver, 875 Bronze. Not bad I guess :)
Bazookajoe_83  +   1817d ago
My cousin spends most his time chasing trophies. He has 94 platina, 416 Gold, 1292 Silver and 3863 Bronze. I know it´s really good in trophies, but how good is 118070 Gamerscore?
GodsHand  +   1817d ago
I think he could retire, and live off those points, hhhhmmmpppp, i mean trophies.

But that is pretty insane 94 Platinums, BTW whats his PSN ID? I would like to check that out.
bananlol  +   1817d ago
Some dude named hakoom have 120+ platinums, was about half a year ago since i checked though.
Bazookajoe_83  +   1816d ago
UZIAC is his psn. Last i spoke to him i think he said he was nr 62 worldwide.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1817d ago
Why would you want
to convert them anyway? Its nioce to know but you'll probably forget three days from now.
VenomProject  +   1817d ago
I got 36,470.

30 platinum, 102 gold, 357 silver, 1432 bronze

Seems like it works.

1 platinum = 1,000 gamerscore
Arup02  +   1817d ago
Damn, that's lots of trophies.
SilverSlug  +   1817d ago

Go me.
phinch  +   1817d ago
im about the same ha ha
EmperorDalek  +   1817d ago
Iv'e got 14,415.

7 platinum's,
38 golds,
158 silvers
And 763 bronzes.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   1817d ago
My converted results are 19896. I currently have 1401 trophies and my real gamerscore is 4060.
ShinnosukeRFD  +   1817d ago
mines would be 9284 gamerscore. that's on top of my 11,000+ gamerscore i already have lol.

4 platinums
35 gold
100 silver
458 bronze

the funny thing is that i bought my ps3 JUST THIS YEAR LOL.
DarkBlood  +   1817d ago
huh that couldnt be right, u should have more then me?
DarkBlood  +   1817d ago
12130 for me and my actual 360 gamerscore is about half of that

2 plats
30 gold
159 silver
763 bronze
Cocytean  +   1817d ago
25 Platinums
134 Gold
432 Silver
1642 Bronze

I prefer the trophy count to the gamerscore....
never_waste_a_bullet  +   1817d ago
Iramo  +   1817d ago
I like gamerscore better it seems more meaningful
juggulator  +   1817d ago
This doesn't seem accurate.

If someone who's equivalent to a lvl 13 gets the 1000 point achievement then 1000 points is added to their gamerscore but if a lvl 13 gets a Plat on PSN there's no telling how much was added to their trophy level.Basically the percent toward your next level that each trophy gives you decreases as your trophy level increases. So since trophies don't have a fixed value like MS points I would think that the calculation will always be off.
bananlol  +   1817d ago
I dont think platinum thropies actually give you exp. They did in the beginning but after a fw update my resistance 2 progress changed from about 60% to 80%. I think the reason was that they wanted to put platinum thropies in non disc games without inflating the system.
Megaton  +   1817d ago

I haven't earned a single trophy in over a year thanks to YLOD.
bananlol  +   1817d ago
Then buy a new one after christmas, i know i will. Mine didnt fail though, gave it to my brothers.
Pehdahosman  +   1817d ago
HE will keep
his damn xbox and like it
Pehdahosman  +   1817d ago
RankFTW  +   1817d ago
33 Platinum
170 Gold
648 Silver
2565 Bronze

Comes to 57226 GameScore.
dragon82  +   1817d ago
I have:

43 Platinum
220 Gold
711 Silver
2345 Bronze

That comes to 63,189 GamerScore.

My actual Xbox 360 GamerScore is 3,110. LOL
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dodo101  +   1817d ago
all you ps3 fanboys now starting to care about youre gamerscore hahaha:P
dragon82  +   1817d ago
No actually I don't care about my Gamerscore. Thats why its only 3,110 and my "Trophy GamerScore" is 63,189. :P
dodo101  +   1817d ago
it was a joke
dragon82  +   1816d ago
So was mine. Didn't you notice the ":P"?
CamelCarcass  +   1817d ago
Ve3tro  +   1816d ago
Mine's 2,378.

I rarely play the PS3 for third party titles I only use it for exclusives thats why it's low, and you can see a comparable score on my X360 is nearly 54,000.

Ah well, only numbers.

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commander  +   1816d ago

Im suprised its that high

6 plats
67 gold
301 silver
1230 bronze
Pollak  +   1816d ago
6831 for me, if I added it to my gamerscore that would put me at around 90,000.
amateratsu  +   1816d ago
26000 gamerscore not bad!
Kran  +   1816d ago
Technically though, it wont give you an accurate result, as bronze trophies can vary from 1G-25G.

Not to mention, in Kane and Lynch 2, i think, there is an achievement thats like 40G, but is actually a Bronze Trophy, so again, it wont give an accurate result
trippyaaron  +   1815d ago
im lvl 11 65%, yet my friend thats lvl 11 with 56% has about 1,000 gs more than me... not completely accurate i would say haha still interesting though

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