Xbox sales overtake flagging Wii

Sales of Microsoft’s Xbox games console are rapidly overtaking the flagging Nintendo Wii, boosted by the US group’s new motion-sensing Kinect controller, according to analysts.

The Wii’s dominance of current-generation console sales is being overturned as rivals Microsoft and Sony imitate its success with easy-to-use controllers and games that appeal to a wider audience.

Ahead of official figures on Thursday from the NPD research firm, analysts at Wedbush Morgan Securities expect sales of 1.075m Xbox 360 consoles in November, up 31 per cent on a year ago, compared with 975,000 Wii sales, down 23 per cent. They expect 650,000 Sony PlayStation 3 units sold, down 8 per cent year-on-year.

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Trytobee12930d ago

The 360 is a beast in America.

Well done MS

Anton Chigurh2929d ago

The beast has been Unleashed. ;)

zootang2929d ago

"Ahead of official figures on Thursday from the NPD research firm, analysts at Wedbush Morgan Securities expect sales of 1.075m Xbox 360 consoles in November, up 31 per cent on a year ago, compared with 975,000 Wii sales, down 23 per cent. They expect 650,000 Sony PlayStation 3 units sold, down 8 per cent year-on-year"

So this is Pachter talk?

chilled2m2929d ago


Sigh, North America is one of the biggest markets for any company. Therfore, these sales are significant any way you try to spin it.

Active Reload2929d ago

"So this is Pachter talk?"

If it was in favor of anything but the 360, would you care?

zootang2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

@Active reload

Are you serious after such classics as:

Red Dead Redemption will be a commercial failure
Gran Turismo 5 will release in December
The Wii 2 will be announced at E3 2010

Active Reload2929d ago

Calm down son, there is a difference between Pachter(personal) predictions and Wedbush(business)predictions. Wedbush uses scientific data analysysts to calculate these numbers.

King_of _the_Casuals2929d ago

It amazes me how much Spin is put up in this place. Just the FACT that MS is even considered in the TOP place conversation is a HUGE win for Microsoft.
Just last generation, Sony DOMINATED the US and the World. Now, there marketshare has taken a HUGE nosedive any which way possible. US or WORLD!!

Congrats to both MicroSoft and Nintendo!!!

ShinMaster2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Yes, because scientific analysis can predict games and console sales.


What "HUGE" nosedive??

Active Reload2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"@Active reload
Yes, because scientific analysis can predict games and console sales."

Actually, anyone can make a prediction. I think you were wanting to be cute and say an "accurate" prediction.

Dig_Dug2929d ago

@zootang "Wedbush uses scientific data analysysts to calculate these numbers." Oh really? Tell us more about these "scientific data analysyts". Can't can you? Didn't think so, son.

OT: Only a desperate and insecure Xbox fan would care about rumored North America sales numbers. TRUTH IS the Xbox could sell 10,000,000 more than Wii but that STILL wouldn't change the fact that the Xbox is the most unreliable console this generation(RROD), it has a lack of AAA exclusives when compared to Sony and Nintendo, you have to pay $60 a month just to play on-line and listen to a bunch of racist 12-year-olds, it has no blu-ray or 3D, etc. The point STILL remains: Quantity does not equal quality.

evilunklebud2929d ago

So do you think they just make numbers up for the share holders then? No methodology whatsoever? I'm not sure, but the SEC might want to look into to them if thats the case.....

Dig_Dug2929d ago

@dentz "So do you think they just make numbers up for the share holders then?" What the hell are you talking about? Who said numbers were being made up? Who exactly are "they"? Which "share holders" are you referring to? That's the problem with Xbox gamers, they care more about "numbers" and "share holders" than they care about games.

evilunklebud2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Whoa dude, calm down..... you seem angry.... don't know why.

You see this report we are all talking about is for the consumption of shareholders so I talk about it in that context. I don't really care about the numbers beyond a certain point... it was just an interesting read. I certainly don't equate numbers to quality (looks at Twilight), and I'm platform agnostic, happy with my PS3 AND my 360, and not wanting to attack one side or the other. Sorry if you felt that way.

gamer20102929d ago

Dig_Dug, spare us the nonsense. PS3 fanboys have shown us over and over that as soon as numbers are in favor of the PS3 they are just as enthusiastic about touting them as anybody, if not more so.

darthv722929d ago

"Only on N4G do predictions equal official numbers. lol tards. And lets get global numbers and not just those from the U.S., thanks!"

I know that is a stretch but lets get serious. the US market is THE LARGEST in the WORLD when it comes to video games. Practically every other market has to combine themselves to try and equate to the numbers a single territory pulls in.

Stop trying to downplay success with the success of somewhere else. That somewhere else isnt here.

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evilunklebud2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

It seems the 1million plus estimates are going to be on target. Surprised a little by the slight drop y-to-y for the ps3 in the US though.

Don't understand the math for the Move either.... how is 4.1m really 2.5m?

Kurisu2929d ago

Because 4.1m Moves have been SOLD to retailers, but only 2.5m Moves have actually been sold to customers.

evilunklebud2929d ago

oh.. thanks.... a little embarrassed I did see that myself.

DaTruth2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

But people don't seem to understand that unless you are selling consoles that don't pull in much profit on their own except for game and peripheral sales, than sold vs. shipped is important. Shareholders want to calculate installed base!

But if you are selling a peripheral that makes a profit than than shipped vs sold is of no consequence! Move is not a console!!!

Nobody gives a damn how many DS3's are shipped vs. sold!!!

Vherostar2929d ago

NPD again... Like America is the whole world?? Who cares about just America other than the fanboys and MS?? Nobody... Worldwide is what it's about.. Plus these sales are estimates by analysts who are basing them off last years sales??

evilunklebud2929d ago

The US is a significant, most likely the largest, single market that we have data for so people talk about it. If someone would publish world wide data we can talk about that too.

Personally, I like to see all platforms do well. It is best for the users that way.

ChristianGamer2929d ago

Why don't you run along and create your own site that has Worldwide numbers so that we can all stop hearing you moan about North America numbers?
You expect NDP to cover the world? Gees. Nobody said they were the world, however it is The Biggest Market for games so it is pretty important.
UK is X360 land too, bet you don't like those numbers either right? They are the 2nd biggest market by the way. Only Japan and the rest of Europe matter, right?

RedRedSuitSDF2929d ago

The US is the most important place in the world for MS and the 360. It matters the most. Why would we be talking World Wide sales in a NPD article? So when world wide sales come out... should all us Xbots say.. "Hey, why we talking world wide sales in a world wide article! We should be talking US numbers only!"

SDF... gotta love them. It's an NPD, USA article only... THAT is why we're talking USA sales. Get over it.

chilled2m2929d ago

Haha, what are you an idiot? "who cares about America?" North America is the single largest consumer of electronics per capita than any other country in the world. So I would imagine both sony and Microsoft would care very much about America.

watch as the disagrees roll in simply because I said something that doesn't translate well in fanboy land.

ct032929d ago

<<Who cares about just America>>

How connected do you feel to the Japanese culture? I'm European, and US+European numbers interest me infinitely more than Japanese numbers.

Trroy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


The US is NOT the single largest consumer electronics consumer PER CAPITA, as you claim. Its the single largest market, on a national basis. Japan, Korea, and many other nations far exceed the US, in terms of per-capita electronics consumption.

I agree with the sentiment that the US is an important market to consider, but your statement isn't helping get that point across..

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Christopher2929d ago

I think it unlikely that this lead will be sustained, though. It took them millions upon millions of marketing dollars to get there. The question is if they will recoup the money they've spent in the long run with this plan or will they fall back into second place after the Holidays?

gamingdroid2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I see it the other way, millions of marketing dollars are working its magic by spreading word among casuals that Kinect is in town and that Wii is old news.

Get enough people to buy Kinect and the word of mouth will start to spread. Remember when Nintendo had to cut Wii marketing because they couldn't keep up with demand. This is all due to word of mouth.

With that said, software is key and Nintendo had a lot of compelling software with Wii Sports being the killer app. Kinect future remains unknown, because I'm not sure we have that killer app yet.

Christopher2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I don't think the mass majority of casuals are going to move from the Wii to a new system that will cost them $150 more money to buy as well as higher costing games.

And if Wii was such old news, then why did the 360 only sell 100k more than the Wii? I mean, think about it, Wii puts out the same console in red with practically no advertising and Microsoft puts out a new console and new peripheral with millions in marketing and they only beat them by 100k during the busiest shopping month of the year.

IMHO, that doesn't say anything about the Wii being old news, but being so strong it really doesn't have to do much to compete and still stay ahead of the game. One month of the 360 selling more than the Wii doesn't mean the 360 has won. Just mean they marketed really strong to get there and it's near impossible to tell if they'll stay there.

SkyGamer2929d ago

Kinect games cost as much as wii games. I picked up kinect sports for 50.

Christopher2929d ago

*** Kinect games cost as much as wii games. I picked up kinect sports for 50.***

Most Wii games don't cost $50, but average about $40. Many cost $20 or $30 at release as well. It's typically only the big titles that cost $50 at release, most tend to go down to $40 very quickly though.

All Kinect titles have a price of $50 from the start.

gamingdroid2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"I don't think the mass majority of casuals are going to move from the Wii to a new system that will cost them $150 more money to buy as well as higher costing games."

It is probably to early to tell, but everything points to the fact that MS is doing really well. They have been outselling the Wii for months now, and that in itself is a feat.

In regards to Kinect/Xbox 360 outselling by a 100k, I'm assuming you meant for October? Kinect wasn't out then, and I'm not sure if the effect of word of mouth will start until December or January when people start to get these devices in. Casuals aren't early adopters.... sometimes trying it out is the best way to properly experience it. If I tried the Wii alone or watched a commercial for it, I wouldn't have bought it. I bought it after trying it at a family event.

The Kinect bundle is $300 while Wii is still $200 without additional accessories needed for 2 or more players. I think that is a decent value proposition compared to the competition especially if you get the sort of leap in experience expected out of Kinect compared to Wii.

I guess we will just have to wait, but 4-5 months of outselling Wii without a price cut and now with an accessory with unique features selling well, I wouldn't be suprised if it outsold the Wii again and again.

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eagle212929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Oh please, 360 has like 40 million to go to overtake king Wii. Pachter's lies are not truth And I'm not impressed even if this is true, the Wii didn't have "teh best COD on teh planet (sarcasm)" and still sold a boatload. December has no COD to hide behind!

2929d ago
eagle212929d ago

so what will xbox fans do when Wii is ahead December or even November? Nintendo is the real beast. :)

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dtrain212930d ago

360 is dominating

Don't you guys know the USA is the World

clintos592929d ago

Even if these numbers are true, it was well expected since ms is playing its last hand and banking everything on kinect to help boost sales. If these numbers are true then good job to ms with their 500 million dollar advertisements which really help them out.

Also just a quick note to those downplaying the ps3. Remember the ps3 is still $300. If u think this is huge, oh man just wait until the ps3 drops to $199. U think wii launch numbers were huge? Just wait until a $199 ps3 comes. I bet if a $199 ps3 is released ill bet anyone here in its 1st month of release it will shatter all records in sales & it will be a repeat of last gen with ps2 like sales. Mark my words & Bookmark me.

darx2929d ago

Whatever you say Pachter.

SMOK3xFFx2930d ago

"Sony has reported sales of 4.1m of its Move controllers into retailers worldwide since its launch in September, which translates as about 2.5m sales to consumers, according to analysts."

So that's the real amount of Move's sold, at least according to analysts.

ManGastaS2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

whats the point of bring PS-move conversation here!?

ct032929d ago

It's in the article. And this is a comment section for the article. Duh.

Bigpappy2930d ago

I might be getting old. But I am quite sure that 4.1/2.5 is not even close to 2.5.

I am not even going to get in to the "ship vs sold" thing that you are shooting for.

Red2929d ago

I thought they meant that most people bought more than 1 "Move" unit. Like maybe if you wanted two players you'd buy two controllers? It's still 4.1 million sold either way.

2929d ago
awiseman2930d ago

didnt this happen a while ago?

TimeSkipLuffy2929d ago

Who cares about these numbers anyway. Not that we get a share of their profit anyway... XD

ChristianGamer2929d ago

You know what I don't care about? Baby food. Do you know how I show my not caring about baby food? By going on a baby food article and telling people I don't care about baby food you say? No. By staying away from baby food articles because they do not interest me

poopface12929d ago

because you looked, you favorite plastic thing is getting dominated, you cry like a little bitch about it. Yeah I think that you care.