The Call of Duty Online Subscription Model

Don’t be fooled: we may very well be paying (outside of online platform subscriptions) to play Call of Duty online in the near future. Despite Activision’s best attempts to put gamers at ease, the publisher will eventually come to a crossroad where siding with shareholders is the only option. Charging gamers for an online experience might seem like an emotionless decision by a bunch of men in suits, but unfortunately, sometimes the business world must be dictated by the might of the big green dollar.

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retrofly2929d ago

Why does this article keep referring to Online as free? It wasn't free I paid £45 for my copy of Call of Duty. That was for SP/MP/Co-op. I wouldn't buy the game if it dind thave MP, so the majority I paid was for MP.

If they want to start charging me a monthly subscription for somethign I've already paid for they can kiss my ass goodbye.

There are plently of developers/publishers out there who are willing to offer MP as a component piece to the game they release for no extra cost.

I hope to god if they do start a subscription service that everyone has the sense to say "No" and not sign up! If we vote with our feet and stop buying Call of Duty they will have to revert to not using a subscription service.