UK Government Disagrees With Panoramas ‘Gaming Addiction’ Concerns -StickTwiddlers

Last night the BBC programme Panorama ran an episode on gaming and it’s addictive properties. To cut a long story short, it was incredibly badly researched and they were implying that going out drinking, amongst other ‘sociable’ activites, is a much healthier way to spend your time.

However, the UK government is pushing for every community in the UK to have 'super fast' broadband by the year 2015. One of the reasons for this, support for the increase in online gaming.

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RankFTW2931d ago


gamesmaster2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Dont play computer games guys they hurt your eyes!! instead go out binge drinking until you're on the donor list waiting for some other poor sods kidney.. or liver mind you.

RankFTW2931d ago

Well on the other hand I game so much sitting down I'm going to need a bum transplant soon.

beeeffess2931d ago

I already made a complaint about Panorama's Gaming Addiction episode last night. It was just awful.

They made too many "people who play games are the worst kind of people" references. For example they said gamers are like rats and called them pretty much losers for that queue of people waiting for starcraft 2 when there's a similar scene at movie premiers and book signings.

I'm sure some of of have seen one newspaper article about video games where one person said something along the lines of "at least with cocaine they're outside". Yep comparing video games with a highly dangerous drug

neo-metatron2930d ago

Man, Panorama makes the BBC look so bad! Unbelievable with so much high quality programming there is a place for such a low ballin boulevard show on the BBC!