Team Fortress 2 Live Stage Demo

Team Fortress 2 Live Stage Demonstration from the recent EA Showcase event. Highlights include:

- Taunts
- Free update after launch(may include maps)
And more...

(Taken from Gamespot's coverage of EA Showcase)

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zonetrooper53849d ago

Can't for this game, Portal and HL2:EP2, getting it for my PC. Coming in October, only a few weeks away as well as Halo 3 being only 2 a bit weeks left. This month and next will be full of awesome and I'm in the CoD4 Beta. :D Can't wait.

gaffyh3849d ago

Yeah definitely HL2 is a must buy

i Shank u3849d ago

fortress 2 looks amazing/, damn i feel like im really getting some kinda deal that rips off the devs with orange box.

d3l33t3848d ago

whats with the folklore bg music

socomnick3847d ago

Are they gay lots of gayness in the beginning