Top 5 Things to Do While Xbox Live Is Down for Maintenance

A lot of you are already freaking out over the fact that on September 10, 2007, at 2 AM Pacific Time, Xbox Live will go down for approximately four hours. Before you hyperventilate or go into a depressed state, MyArcadePlanet.Com would like to suggest five things you could do with your time away from your Xbox 360.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3606d ago

You can't be that pathetic that you have nothing else to do while XBOX live is down for a few hours.

zonetrooper53606d ago

Just report shadowflare's comment as spam. Anyways, I'll probaly be outside with friends or doing parkour or playing the sourceforts HL2 mod. :D

PS360PCROCKS3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Monday at 4 o'clock? I'll be at work...and if you have nothing better to do because you can't play your 360 for four hours you are one major lame ass!

Edit:: Oh lol yeah I'll be sleeping as well.

cain1413606d ago

It's four am... I'll be sleeping

zonetrooper53606d ago

Its 9am in the UK, I'll probaly be in bed alsleep until 12 noon.

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