SNK Playmore Brings the 330 Mega Power to the PSN on Dec. 21st

SNK Playmore is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Neo Geo Arcade/Home system by bringing some great titles to the PSN, for both PS3 and PSP on Dec. 21st.

Oddly enough, the downloadable titles are separate between the platforms, unlike the cross-compatibility that we’re used to with the PC Engine titles and PSP Minis. This is great news for all of those Neo Geo enthusiasts out there, but also a great way to expose everyone else to the awesomeness of this mega-system.

Hit the link to get a background on the Neo Geo itself, and a description of all 10 launch titles.

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forcefullpower2928d ago


Sold my NeoGeo CD system about a year ago on ebay for £80. Was gutted to sell but to buy the games was well expensive and hard to find good ones.

This will be a first purchase for me. Especially Fatal Fury.
Neogeo had one of the best game pads aswell.