Six unforgettable video games of 2010 reflects on six amazing games released during 2010.

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xino2927d ago


Kratos fighting Cronos!???
you must be mad! Best boss fight, amazing music, great graphics.

I love this game so much man!


-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!

TheBossMan2927d ago

This list blows. Honestly, the inclusion of Darksiders over something like Heavy Rain is ridiculous.

jdrman20072927d ago

What are you talking about? Darksiders was a great game. Besides, this list is called "Six unforgettable video games of 2010" not THE ONLY Six video games of 2010 that you should ever play!" or "These Six Games Are Great and Every Other Game Sucks!"

The author merely listed 6 games released in 2010 that IN HIS OPINION where unforgettable experiences. I hated Bayonetta but I'm not gonna jump on the dude for liking a game that i dont.

nycredude2927d ago

I have Bayonetta on my shelf, never started it, and I forgot about it.

Venox20082927d ago

Bayoneta and GOW 3 are the best of these.. (haven't played AC:B), but what the hell darksiders is doin' here?