Xbox 360 BioShock Polished-up

Irrational Games has released a little update on Xbox Live for its watery masterpiece BioShock.

It should fix lots of the stability problems some of you are having with the game, particularly when loading autosaves. The audio in the title menu has also been sorted out, and computer-controlled characters should now behave around health stations.

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MK_Red4064d ago

I've been playing the game on 360 without patches and updates and so far it has been of the most polished games I've ever seen, not to mention one of the best.

Excalibur4064d ago

Put me down for 1000/1000 without any updates, patches, glitches or whatever.
Great game!

MK_Red4064d ago

Same here.
Just finished another run. Telekensis is seriously fun and awesome.

okcomputer4064d ago

Yea I've just started this game, got it on day one but I've been busy w/work and its just been sitting there barely used. The visuals blow me away, especially the water effects. The graphics are even better than gears imo. I just got the telekenisis plasmid last night too and had a blast with it. Can't wait to FINALLY get a few hours free time this weekend to really dig into the game.

i Shank u4064d ago

i would have agreed with you yesterday MK but last night on my 2nd play through it started glitching about 2 times a min, what happened was the game would still keep playig but the screen would freeze for a few seconds, then skip ahead to wherever i had moved in those few seconds. :( guess im gonna try this patch

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Marceles4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

@ MK Red

I'm not sure about it being the most polished least when I play, there's PC-like skipping between going into a new place you haven't been to yet and the video diaries loading. But I'll see when I get home how much more polished it is. I'm trying to saver the game and not play it as much as I want to just so it'll be a good experience. I'm also kinda burnt out on FPSs which is another reason. The game starts off incredible, and then once I got toward the middle of the game, the shock and awe of the game just stopped for me. The only thing fun for me now is thinking of cool ways to kill the Big Daddies. But I'm sure more of the story will unravel to make me excited to play it more

Mr PS34064d ago

You can't polish a turd

G_CodeMonkey4064d ago

Not worth the time for my browser to display your ignorance. gCM

borgome4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )


ud4064d ago

It's a great game indeed, but the lack of multiplayer really bothers me. It's a shooter for god's sake! Imagine the fun!!! but hey if it was a ps3 game it would've been bashed for no multiplayer :\

nirwanda4064d ago

it would be ignored by PS3 gamers because it's not exclusive so sony wouldn't push it like COD4 is at the moment don't beleave me check their forum hardly anyone goes to the PS3 side even before the beta was announced

makingdamage4064d ago

I don´t argue bioshock isn´t a great game but I find it weird after all the great reviews that the game need an update already.

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The story is too old to be commented.