Please Make Me: More Adventure Games Like Indigo Prophecy

Gaming Today doesn't blame you if you've never heard of Indigo Prophecy. It was a sleeper hit released on all platforms back in 2005, but really lacked the mass-market appeal to make it more than a critical success. But most that played the game realized it was something that is unfortunately rare these days: a good, original, and engaging, adventure game.

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ktchong4116d ago

Indigo Prophecy developer, Quantic Dream, has been signed by Sony to work on an exclusive mystery-thriller adventure title for PS3: Heavy Rain, and an exclusive action title for PS3: Omikron 2.

DrPirate4116d ago

Indigo Prophecy was awesome. Can't wait for them to show off Heavy Rain, that actor tech demo was very convincing and emotionally charged. If the tech demo alone can isntill an emotion in me, I can't wait for the entire game.

MK_Red4116d ago

Quantic Dream is a amazing studio. Omikron: Nomad Soul was a classic. Farenheit / Indigo Prophecy was a masterpiece. I can't wait for the next game from QT.

Rikitatsu4116d ago

That GAME is the worst ever , VERY ILL GAME , it tells the story of a typical american dude with Mental problems , you would feel very disturbed if you play it , the tried to top shenmue but they failed ha ha

AllroundGamer4116d ago

that game was really great, we need moooooore!

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