Google feels threatened by WP7, announces update for Android

Google yesterday released the SDK for version 2.3 of the Android OS (AKA Gingerbread). There are a number of new features offered for both developers and end-users including basic UI and speed improvements, better power management, Near-field communications, and support for SIP (voice and video chat).

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mrv3212877d ago

They feel so threatend that plans for 2.3 and 3.0 have long been revealed...

ComboBreaker2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

No one even cares. It didn't even make a dent in the market, which is being controlled by Android and iPhone.

Google kept continuing to update Android and making it better and better while Microsoft just continues with the PR talk with no real effect what-so-ever on the market.

SeNiLesBack2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I like my WP7 very much!! I liked my Android phone before that as well but because of the fragmentation, it was very frustrating.

A new game would be released (example: Angry Birds for one) and the market place would have it available to download for some and not others. Then some would have problems with games on one type of phone and not others.

Then there is the whole OS problem. Not everyone can update their phones to the latest OS. The Android phone I had, Samsung Captivate, had an older OS then what was released and Samsung was dragging their feet getting any news on an update for it.

I like the openness of Android, and if I ever switch back it would be for a Google phone, not any other since the updates are so slow to be released.

Sure, there are things missing from WP7 but there will be a huge update early next year with lots of missing things added. This update will be available for ALL phones will get the update day one as apple does with the iPhone, not having to wait for the phone maker to release an update as Android.

Ju2875d ago

Fragmentation? LOL. And the answer is WP7? Which has just released and in a state where Android was with 1.5? Guess what the fragmentation will be on that platform 1-2 years from now...btw: research has 90% Android market covered by 2.1 or 2.2 (about 50% split). 2.3 will be a while, for gaming 2.2 will already bring major updates (OpenGL/ES 2.0)

darthv722875d ago

people see fit to quickly criticize MS and the WP7 as if they relate their mobile division to their PC division.

Some would argue the monopolistic handle MS has on the PC market while ignoring a similar approach Apple (and ATT) have on the mobile phone market.

Iphone was neat, now it is tired. I welcome the competition of Android phones and WP7 phones. The beauty of those is they arent limited to a single carrier or mfg. The quality of the support is the deciding factor. Right now that hold is in Apple's corner like they did with MP3 players.

To associate WP7 because it is MS and chastise it because of their name...please. It is time to drop the guilt by association trip. Andriod and WP7 are VERY good alternatives to Apple. It is Apple that should feel threatened.

Some would rather hold a grudge than give something new a chance. You never know if you are going to like it or not with that outlook.

Elven62875d ago

Android only made a sizeable dent in the mobile phone market share this year and even then it's at roughly 25%. Android came out in late 2008 of course.

Windows Phone 7 has the benefit of being an established brand of sorts but how much or how little is up for debate given some of the radical changes betweens WM 6.5 and WP 7.

It's too early to call Windows Phone 7 a success or a failure, 2011 will give the world a better picture, this is also something Microsoft has been saying this for a while now.

Windows Phone 7 isn't even available in most of the world yet either, Asia alone is a huge market and WP7 won't release there until 2011.

gamingdroid2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

The Android fragmentation will start to rear it's ugly head soon because there will be more handsets getting old and new odd ones released. The issue is prevalent yet, because Android is just recently become popular.

We have already seen the issue already with Angry Bird. Android reminds me of the issue with Linux. It's open, but with it comes the trash!

WP7 isn't perfect and will not be as open as Android, but I expect it to continue to grow.

Of the five major platforms (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, WebOS and WP7) though, the iPhone is probably the best platform out there (even though I hat and respect Apple). They don't have any fragmentation issues, builds great hardware (see the screen on iPhone 4) sans the antenna issue and adoption is huge. Only real drawback is the lack of an open platform.... Where is Flash?

edit: Very well put Darth and Elven.

badz1492875d ago

albeit great for being open source, and have cheaper phones compared to iPhone and WP7, has a serious flaw in the whole system! I was just looking at a Galaxy 5 with 2.1 version and just recently 2.2 were released! and then 2.3 SDK were released and is about to be released maybe early next year! the thing is, the phone OS is unupgradable at the moment thus making you feel like having a 2.1, you're somewhat being left behind and Galaxy 5 isn't exactly an old phone! that's my only issue with android!

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deerain2876d ago

Love the fact the title has nothing to do with the article, Windows 7 phone looks alright and has some nice touches but I think I will stick with my Android phone thanks. I am hoping that the fragmentation wont be so bad now that phone are running higher CPU speeds and so are capable of running the future Android updates the only thing stopping people getting these updates are the phone manufactures themselves when they cant be bothered to convert the updates for there phones. I got a Galaxy S and I am very happy with but it only just been updated to 2.2 good job I have rooted it and had this update for ages.

Bathyj2875d ago

"I have rooted it"


Sorry, forgive my Aussie sense of humour.

gamingdroid2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Well, that is what Windows Phone 7 and iPhone has over Android. You no longer will have to rely on the manufacturer for software updates!

I dread the owners of Sony Xperia X10, whom just recently got 2.1 in October after sitting on 1.6 for how long? Yeah, they are still working on 2.2!

Just be happy Samsung is actually supporting the Galaxy S as I don't expect manufacturers to continue to support their device past a year maximum.

We already see what LG is doing by claiming they won't support 2.3 due to a low speed processor which Google already pointed out they don't have a hard limit on system spec.

If I were to get a phone it would either be WP7 device (if I'm willing to put up with lack of apps/features, but greatest gaming phone platform) or either Nexus One or Nexus S.

silvacrest2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

i honestly think google will take steps into stopping this

if your savy enough and your phone isn't locked down like the x10 you can attempt to put a updated rom if your manufacturer is slow with updates

as for the competition, like someone else said. WP7 is like android 1.5 right now, sure it will get better but when?

iphone is to limited, there is no option for people who want a bigger screen, keyboard, 4G, widgets, flash on default browser etc

people i no get a blackberry simply for BB messenger and thats all, RIM need to create more compleing reason to own their device, not everyone is a teenager who texts 24/7

webOS looks nice but i have zero experience with it and no no one who owns one, i think thats speaks for it self

gamingdroid2875d ago

You are probably right about WP7 being 1.5 as I never used Android 1.5. However, I believe that WP7 has unique features that none of the others offers and that makes it more competitive than simply a 1.5 device.

In the end it is software that pretty much determines its future.

WebOS is pretty new and since HP took over it, you won't see much in that camp for some time.

BB is in my mind a dying company right now. They need to radically revamp their OS like NOW!

iPhone is limited in upgrades, but that is the sort of experience the vast majority want.

Programmers and tech savvy people might migrate to the Android, but doesn't rely represent the greater un-captured market.

It's definitely interesting to see and I'm very happy that there are so many competitors. I believe like consoles, we need at least 3 dominating players for a healthy market.

Christopher2875d ago

Got a huge laugh at Google feeling at all threatened by WP7. Has the person who wrote this article's title has seen the WP7 sales?

dragonelite2875d ago

So far the best phone with wp7 in europe is now where to get. Support for some countries arent even done yet here in europe like my home land The Netherlands.

dkgshiz2875d ago

I havent seen much buzz about the success of the new Windows phone platform....

FLOWCity2875d ago

Sticking with my Iphone 4...

Rybnik2875d ago

Well, from what I've seen, it is a vaaaaaast improvement from the extraordinarily clunky 6.5 but still isn't up to the sleekness of ios4 or the sheer variety and awesomeness of the Android platform.

On topic, Google's rollout map for update has been charted for a while now, from Froyo, to Gingerbread to 3.0 (Honeycomb) which will launch somewhere around Q1-Q2 of 2011 and bring with it such things as native videochat support among others. Anyway, point being this has not much at all to do with WP7. If continued Android dominance is threatened by anything it is the impending arrival of the Verizon iphone......

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