If Halo and StarCraft would have a baby it would be called Warsoup

Following video shows ingame footage of the upcoming realtime strategy first person shooter Warsoup.

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The Matrix2809d ago

They did have a baby. It's called Raiden.

bullswar2809d ago

Warsoup the Ba$tard child ... Just kiddin ... concept seems good ... reminds me of C&C and how they shouldve used this approach for fps gamers.

RedDragan2809d ago

Halo does not deserve to be mentioned on the same webpage as Starcraft.

ShinFuYux2809d ago

They could of at least fixed the clunky halo jumping animations...

Incipio2809d ago

This reminds of C&C Renegade

yamzilla2809d ago

Halo is to SC2
what lady gaga is to Mozart

RedDragan2809d ago

Here here!

Starcraft is amazing.

Halo is just another shooter but with a kiddy pastel colour pallette.