Super Health Guy 64 Issue 1

The Married Gamers staff writer, Dave Calabrese, begins a year long bi-weekly series on health, reducing stress, while running a small video game company. The series, in his words:

"...will discuss health issues for gamers, health issues for game company owners and in general – being healthy. And to help continuing to push all this forward, I will also journal my own progress in going from some pudgy dude with high blood pressure and an office that looks like it’s straight out of the Hoarders TV series to a lean mean game making machine, running his successful game company from his tidy office, all while keeping his wife-to-be sane and not wanting to kill him in the process."

In this first installment, Dave talks about the stereotypes of gamers and their health and the evolving idea of health in the past century. He also lays out what lies ahead in the series.

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