Gran Turismo 5 Mechanical Damage videos

PlayStation Informer: "Some videos of mechanical damage in GT5 introduced by the patch v1.03."

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HappyGaming2933d ago

and they implemented it so easily and quickly...

I think they had it ready but they didn't know whether people would want mechanical damage or not.

yewles12933d ago

Actually, it's more than that, but the secret will be revealed in time...

ambientFLIER2932d ago

Why don't you tell us then?

AndrewRyan2932d ago

I just realized this is mechanical damage... I thought it was just damage because when that car went 130 into the wall with a couple of minor dents I was like WTF!

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trounbyfire2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

GOOD now people can STFU...

but wait the menus are too....STFU enjoy driving the best cars in the best sim.

BTW this was in the code so it was in the game. just saying

Ducky2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

... but he rammed straight into a wall and the car was fine.
That's fail fail fail fail fail fai-
*spontaneously combusts*

On a serious note, was this an online race?

trounbyfire2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

ok so play forza and crash a sticker with damage is put over the car...A STICKER so you can STFU as well

worse part is it pop in after the crash

Ducky2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Would be kinda hard for me to play forza without owning an xbox.

I'll try a find a sim for the PC though. Thanks for the suggestion. =)

(Are we being sarcastic or serious?)

Duckman332932d ago

You were being sarcastic. That was obvious. I'm pretty sure that went right over trounbyfire's head though...

fr0sty2932d ago

they should have unlocked the level 40 damage then tried it out... though that system was a mistake to put in the unlockable damage to begin with.

ambientFLIER2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )


"ok so play forza and crash a sticker with damage is put over the car...A STICKER so you can STFU as well"

Just in case you are really that clueless, Forza has damage where parts fall off as well. Bumpers, wings, splitters, mirrors, all fall off. Hoods crumple. As far as scratches go, yes, it's a texture.

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DanteKnightsTemplar2933d ago

GT5 FTW. Kaz wont stop the patching, and Dan Greenawald is going to get bigger bags under his eyes trying to find a way to stop the freight train that GT5 is. It will sell for a long long time!

Dr-Zoidberg2933d ago

Who is this Dan you speak of?

Si-Fly2933d ago

Dan, the creator of microsofts rival simulator Forza. Fanboys can have their tug of war, luckily for me I own both consoles so enjoy the best of both worlds. I put 150hours into forza3 and will no doubt put a similar amount into GT5. Both great games, period.

redDevil872933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

He's my dad... i disowned him since he made Forza

Dr-Zoidberg2933d ago

Thank you Si-Fly and thank you for making me snigger redDevil. Sorry to hear he is your father does he beat you if he catches you playing GT5 lol.

ambientFLIER2932d ago

Why would the creators of Forza care anymore? Their game came out a year ago, and they are well on the way of making the 4th one.

kingteekej2932d ago

It looked like it worked like it should. I am only driving in cockpit, so if this comes it the career-GT mode, then it is of greater importance than visual(graphic) damage to me.
Keep up the patching. Still want more Premiums.

BryanBegins2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Why is it limited to online only? Can someone explain this to me? I'm really just asking.

Btw, and I really don't want to troll, but those video mostly show incredibly bad VISUAL damage (sound, physics, etc, everything is so off)! Well at least now there are mechanical ones, but I still think PD should improve the visual ones.

Ducky2933d ago

Probably to balance out online racing. Prevent people from going all bumper-cars and whatnot.

From what people say, single-player already has that damage. Just gotta level up.

BryanBegins2933d ago

I thought this rumour had been debunked by Sony and PD themselves. They clearly said damages were not unlocked by leveling-up. Maybe they were talking visual ones and not mechanical ones.

HappyGaming2933d ago

Well it already costs half a million to repair a Bugatti so I am guessing it won't just be to fix the bumper...

PirateThom2933d ago

No one can explain it....

I would guess because, online... it's to stop bumper cars and people forcing bumper cars....

Why not offline?

Welcome to the world of Polyphony Digital where nothing makes sense.

Dr-Zoidberg2933d ago

Whilst I do like this game I have to agree it is most disappointing it is not in the single player as it will stop people from cheating.

Biggest2932d ago

I wasn't aware that what people do in the privacy of their own gaming space would effect your life so much. If people want to play bumper cars at home by themselves, let them.

kingteekej2932d ago

Agree with Biggest. I would like to have that choice to have mechanical damage or not. Great freedom is mostly paralell to games with high longlivety. And im not talking about freedom like in open-world games.

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