Can EA create a Call of Duty killer?

EA's John Riccitiello came out all guns blazing on Sunday, saying in no uncertain terms that EA plans to make a CoD killer - a real Black Ops beater.

As if that wasn't a ballsy enough claim, the big man then said that once EA has beaten Activision once, it's going to do it all over again.

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gamerzBEreal172929d ago

No. in terms of quility yes but in terms of sale its almost impossible to get at the level where call of duty is in popularity and i KNOW if someone was to do it it would not be EA atleast not on consoles BFBC2 was terrible on console and medal of honor was full of gliches i like call of duty its a good solid game and i think it gets way to much hate on this site

scar202929d ago

We don't know yet i wanna see what Respawn Entertainment is working on maybe that will be the game to kill off call of dooty.

UnbiasedTroll2928d ago

Personally Battlefield Bad Company 2 is miles better in multiplayer department. They already have but kids like simple run and gun games easy to play. Rather then complicated games like Battlefield.

PshycoNinja2928d ago

as a developer you have to go into it thinking "Who cares about Call of Duty. I dont want our game to be like COD, lets just make something new, inovative and something we are proud of."

When a developer goes into a mindset of innovation instead of trying to copy a game, you will become the game to beat. Very simple concept.

Great example:
Killzone 1, we gonna be halo killer, alright game.
Killzone 2, lets just do our own thing, awesome game.

When CoD was made it wasnt made to kill a game. It was made just to be fun..... and now its the most popular game. Same with WOW, same with Madden, same with Mario. Its the same thing with every sucessful game.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2928d ago

Absolutely they can all they have to do is give us:

Dedicated servers
Accurate hit detection
Great maps
Nice assortment of guns w/recoil and firing animations similar to MW2's guns and all kinds of gun attachments
BFBC2 sounds effects
BFBC2 destructible environments
With MW2 agile movements/controls

Fuck the perks
Keep the killstreaks


NegativeCreepWA2928d ago

I really want to see what Respawn is working on and don't forget about Bungie, if there working on a shooter that is.

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Half_Life_32928d ago

People still play the Call of Duty games?
What a waste there's much better games out there...

guitarded772928d ago

Agree x 1,000... honestly I don't care that CoD is so popular, but I left the franchise after CoD4 (which I loved). I still play the CoD campaigns, but for online I find the Battlefield series, MAG and Killzone more enjoyable (because they're better balanced). If someone likes CoD online, then more power to them, but for my tastes there is better out there.

Active Reload2928d ago

Did you really have to ask that question?

"What a waste there's much better games out there..."

I imagine you and the other person cross your arms and poke your bottom lip out after each sentence you type, lol.

xstation792928d ago

Call of duty offers variety, battlefield is fun for a while but the lack of maps and game modes make it boring fast. I'm sorry if all you people hate call of duty just because your not very good at it. As far as only kids liking call of duty, well I'm 30 years old and I'm the youngest out of all who is on my friends list with the exception of a couple, and we love call of duty. And for the people listing mag and killzone has better games, please don't me laugh. You can pretend those are better games all you want, but in the real world everyone knows the truth. Thats why their isn't many people playing those games.

Psychotica2928d ago

I have BFBC2 on console and the PC and it played just fine on the console.

And for crying out loud learn to use a period in your sentences.

sonicsidewinder2928d ago

lol. He should harness the power of the full stop!

SixZeroFour2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

we arent to sure about the sales yet, cause its all about the way ea markets respawns terms of quality there isnt any reason why they cant, i mean they practically made the cod series what it is, but in terms of sales, its unknown, NOT IMPOSSIBLE

if EA marketed it as "a game from the makers of the cod mw series" im sure many cod fans, and ex cod fans alike would look into it...especially ones that now refuse to buy an activision title but still like the cod style fps

ChristianGamer2928d ago

This man speaks the truth. Why the disagrees?

L4DRocks2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I agree with Unbiasedtroll Battlefield Bad Company 2 is way better than COD and no it worked perfectly fine on Consoles so I don't know what you are talking about. You probably don't even have it for consoles. The only problem I encountered where server issues which got me to stop playing I couldn't connect to games I have no idea if they have fixed that yet. But the game itself worked great.

I thin EA does have a chance at creating a COD killer I think the Battlefield franchise could be that. I mean BBC2 sold 6 million last I heard and that was for a game that was released in the beginning of the year in March. Imagined if they released it during the holidays.

EA should put it's focus on the Battlefield franchise as oppose to Medal Of Honor.

xAlmostPro2928d ago

tbh, somkebody needs to make a 'new' franchise.. that has gameplay similar to COD aka the fast paced gameplay/reflex shooter(or whatever you like to call it).. but without all the BS thats attached to it..

battlefield/moh go for realism abit to much..

i think most people even COD fans like myself, are currently bored of the franchise.. looking for something to steal my addiction lol.. next year is gonna be great for FPS games though..

Homefront, Killzone 3, brink, resistance 3, socom 4, possibly starhawk..

bubye COD :)

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Incipio2928d ago

They already did with Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Unfortunately, Call of Duty brand recognition is far greater and is advertised much more.

Myst2928d ago

I agree after playing Call of Duty I can see why everyone appreciates it, but I find Bad Company 2 to be better.

MUHAHAHAHAAHAHA2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

BC2 was good for about 3 months but there was only like 4 maps for rush and the bullcrap map packs pissed me off :) Oh and it was better than than mw2 :)

NegativeCreepWA2928d ago

That was my issue with BC2 not enough maps, MW2 released with 16.

RoboRyan2928d ago

Yes, it's possible to make a game that tops CoD in terms of quality, but getting anywhere near the number of sales is a different story. People tend to be creatures of habit, and those who get pumped for every installment of CoD will continue to do so because they're already familiar with the brand and have bought into all the hype that goes along with it. Definitely not knocking CoD, the franchise has had some great games, but even if better FPSs were to come along (personally, I'd put BF:BC up there with some of the CoD games, even though they're different experiences) getting the sheer volume of sales to compete is next to impossible with the amount of people who've bought into the CoD hype machine.

Xfanboy2928d ago

Better Marketing will kill COD!! not just the actual game tbh!!

theonlylolking2928d ago

They have cal of duty killers just not call of duty sale killers.

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