Gran Turismo 5 : Suzuka race with X1 Prototype

Here is the ultimate car for Gran Turismo 5: The Red Bull X1 Prototype and it will take you to Suzuka for two laps of madness.

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rajman2929d ago

Video not working...I hear sound and see black screen with video title on it o_0

darthv722928d ago

it reminds me of the batmobile form the michael keaton movie.

nix2927d ago

i'll be playing with this baby end of next year.. because that's the amount of time it's going to take for me to earn that much of credit to buy it...

oh.. only if i could stop myself from upgrading every car i see.. he heh!

morganfell2927d ago

It's jeux video again. The site that spent an hour in GT5 multiplayer before reviewing the game. They provided a huge disservice to fans and potential fans and then come crawling back to the public for hits when the game sells like crazy and fans are obsessed with it. Don't give them the click and go to GTPlanet or Youtube.

RedDragan2927d ago

This isn't even news, it's a video of somebody having a race.

The French just do not have a clue.

Brunow2929d ago

disable adblock. It works perfectly.

I_C_PEE2927d ago

@ morganfell :
Seconded. That site is a joke. Best to avoid it.

ChristianGamer2927d ago

If you're gonna avoid every site that gave this game the 8/10's it deserved then prepare to frequent only a select few sites, most of which will have playstation or ps3 in their names

vTuro242927d ago

Man that's like...super fast lol.

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