Iafrica: Kinect Review

Iafrica: While Sony copies the example set by the Wii, Kinect offers something entirely different – and it works. It's not just a gimmick, with plenty of fun to offer for non-gamers in particular.

Although the tech is impressive, hardcore gamers are better off waiting a few months for the AAA titles to be released, such as Child of Eden, Steel Battalion and Project Draco.

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Bigpappy2927d ago

While I agree with most of the article, I don't see why core gamers can't enjoy games like Kinect Sports, Aventure and Your Shape Fitness. Waiting for controller games to be done on Kinect is pointless to me. What the heck is round with athe controller that no one told me about? Gamers should not want Kinect to replace their controllers for controller games. Kinect should only be used in controller games to assist the controller in and optional way.