Guru3D: GeForce GTX 570 review

Guru3D; NVIDIA knows this and as such tries to cover their bases. The GeForce GTX 480 is now officially going EOL (end of life) after its short-lived life, to replace the product NVIDIA is now introducing, the GeForce GTX 570. A card that will be positioned in the 349 EUR (!) price bracket yet offers a massive chunk of high-end DirectX 11 performance alongside good GPU temperatures and noise levels.

A product based on the very same GF110 GPU that empowers the GTX 580, yet castrated a little towards 480 shader processors, a 320-bit memory bus and notch less memory at 1280MB GDDR5.

All in all a product that will be really out there in terms of performance, an interesting product to look at for sure. In this article we will cover single-GPU performance of this graphics card, the technology behind it, and well all the other usual you can expect from We can already tell you that an SLI article is also in the works, to be released soon.

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Jamaicangmr2905d ago

My GTX 470 SC is owning bitches but am starting to get GPU envy again. Guess it's time for an upgrade.

CombineElite2905d ago

I feel your pain as my 1ghz HD 4890 CF set up does me proud but it's now time for a major DX11 upgrade.

GTX 570 Sli or Hd 6950 CF......I'll know on December 15th.