WoW : First player to reach level 85 in 5 hours

"In the newest addition to the World of Warcraft series called Cataclysm, a European player was able to hit the game’s first level 85 within only 5 hours after Cataclysm had been released. "

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karl2929d ago

wow.. i played for like a month and couldnt pass lvl 30..

was bore as hell and left xD

ECM0NEY2929d ago

that sounds like me lol

OneSneakyMofo2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

First player to reach age 85 without a girlfriend.


visualb2929d ago

"‘This achievement is not my own.
I am bringing attention to the scientific findings that I will be unveiling soon’."

read =|

its an exploit.

probably found a glitch and/or went as lvl 1 to super high areas with friends.

not impossible if you know the game well

MRMagoo1232929d ago

actually the experience doesnt work like that if you get taken to a much higher lvl zone with a friend you still only get normal mob xp plus the guys a douche he got banned last expat because he exploited game mechanics to get to lvl 80 fast. I find it very hard to believe he didnt have some sort of bannable exploit again to get to lvl 85 in 5 hours you need over 9 million xp to get from lvl 84 to 85 that alone would take longer.

Trebius2929d ago

I have to agree ... I played for 3 montths though ... but I lost interest. It's not for me.

Projekt7tuning2929d ago

He could probably sell his account for a butt load of money.
Look at the prices of the virtual property that was just sold. I forgot which game it was,(maybe second life?)but it went for close to a million dollars.
How much do you think he could sell his Account for? You know there is some really rich nerd out there, who would buy it just to kill off the player so his is still better lol.

Dasteru2929d ago

You're thinking entropia universe. That game is built around real world currency, the money payed on large property's like that is usually made back by the investor ingame within the first 6 months. It wouldnt be possible to invest like that in any other game so u would never see anyone buying things for that amount.

Projekt7tuning2928d ago

Interesting. Imaging trying to explain the concept of investing in virtual property, To someone in the 1950s. That's if time travel was a movie style ability.
It's hard enough trying to explain things to most senior's. lol

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Gandalf2929d ago

How do you kill that which has no life?

Arup022929d ago

With a headshot i suppose.

sealion882929d ago

hes quoting from a south park episode. get with the program!

Dac2u2929d ago

Butters is awesome! But, the real quote is: "How can thy ground that which is ungroundable?"

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