Tom's Hardware: GeForce GTX 570 Review: Hitting $349 With Nvidia's GF110

A month ago, Nvidia launched its GeForce GTX 580, and it was everything we wanted back in March. Now the company is introducing the GeForce GTX 570, also based on its GF110. Is it fast enough to make us forget the GF100-based 400-series ever existed?

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toaster2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

AMD = owned.

Let's see if they can step up their game in time, or fall behind the might of Nvidia.

/fanboy rant

But seriously this is one hell of a card, especially for the price. Honestly I really want AMD to just release the damn cards so I can make a decision this holiday.

zagibu2933d ago

Let's wait on the 69XX cards. Also, you probably won't be able to get either until next year. Demand will be high.

BTW: What do you mean with "fall behind the might of nVidia"? They have always had the smaller market share, currently around 33%, while nVidia has 60%. I am talking about gaming gpus, here, not gpus in general, btw.