Spoilers and Leaks slowly ruin Gaming

RevoltTech writes:

A recent leak of both split-screen multiplayer and a long scene of a boss battle in Killzone 3 was joyously received by fans this week. Many gamers are grateful for the leak, some going to the extent of calling the blogger a “hero”. RevoltTech writers would call the same blogger a complete ass.

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writersblock2926d ago

True say

Would've been a lot more exiting to find out about the KZ3 coop with a full song and dance from sony at the VGA's or something rather than just a pic from the net

49erguy2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I would have liked to hear it from the VGAs too. But ruining gaming? I wouldn't go that far. Weak SP coupled with strong emphasis on MP is whats killing gaming. Some would even argue that motion controls strays away from "true gaming," but I admit, I love to see my mom having fun with a PS move and be genuinely interested in other games because of it.

Also the belief that exclusives kill gaming is stupid. Competition is needed. You see what happened to Madden and the WWE.

BTW the guy didn't need to show us a whole fucking boss battle. A 2 minute snippet would have BEEN JUST FINE.

Spitfire_Riggz2924d ago

Chill out dude, you dont have to watch a leak. If you want to be surprised its as simple as that, I enjoyed the leak and am very exited to play this game.