Sony denies issuing release date for Home

Sony has dismissed claims that it issued a release schedule showing launch dates for key PSP, PS2 and PlayStation 3 titles, including online community service Home.

The dates first appeared on and have since been picked up by other sites.

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MaximusPrime4119d ago

in another word, yes 11th Oct is the correct date.

Agent VX4119d ago

Are you kidding me, nothing on the Delay$tation 3 ever releases on time.

Wouldn't be surprised one bit if Home was delayed until next year, after all, P$3 owners are very used to that.

weazle4119d ago

Even if it doesn't come out until next year how can you say that it is a delay when an official release date has not even been announced? It could be next year, but that doesn't mean it is a delay until we get an official announcement from Sony.

ISay4118d ago

i desagree with that coment but delaystation is funny

Frulond4119d ago

meaning = its going to be delayed

this is so bad... I want this thing so bad and can help PS3... I just wish is for a good reason

ben8064119d ago

id say october would be a likely release date even if they are denying it, they have already had one beta test it must be near ready for a larger one.

MaximusPrime4119d ago

for some reasons i believe 23rd Oct is the main release date. i do not know where 10th Oct actually came from.

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