Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Patch 2.01 now available

Ubisoft released the next Patch for Assassins Creed Brotherhood that improves Matchmaking and removes some Bugs in the Game. Furthermore, the Assassins Creed Brotherhood Servers will be shut down today for Maintenance.

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waltyftm2843d ago

WTF !!! M.A.G,GT5,PS3 and now AC3, more patches than a teachers conference today.

xYLeinen2843d ago

Hopefully this fixes he glitched trophies.

WildArmed2843d ago

There are glitched trophies?
One of my friends on my PSN list has the plat, which ones are glitched?
J/c so I know I didn't screw em up somehow lol

Zydake2843d ago

Glitched trophies? What were the problems?

xYLeinen2843d ago

You simply won't get your trophies recognized. Sometimes during story, for me it's after I'm done with the game.

Nate-Dog2843d ago

Yeah heard a fair bit about those, I haven't gotten too far into the game after my PS3 broke but I'd be pretty pissed with some of those, especially the feather / flags ones, and since the game runs on a singular save you're kind of screwed in that situation.

Shuklar2843d ago

I've encountered 3 players that didn't receive the plat upon completion. Deleting the Game Date (NOT your game saves) and reinstalling has corrected the problem.

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Sneak-Out2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

No, that fixes not the Trophy Bug

Myst2843d ago

Improved matchmaking! Yay! Though it seems like ti won't be playable today at least they looked into it. That's pretty much all I asked from them lol.

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