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Vegeta90002869d ago

It looks terrible (much like all the other Tomb Raider games this gen).

toaster2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Over 9000 fails.

lelo2play2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Lara Croft still seems to have nice tits :)

I'm sold.

Xandet2869d ago

Report the useless troll and let it be.


RedPawn2869d ago

You mean DBZ games, no wonder you have no bubbles.

oricon2869d ago

Her character model from the art now has a eastern touch to it maybe square lent their rescourses to them looks good.

jc485732869d ago

I agree. I like how they said they wanted to make her more human.


I like eastern design aswell! Also I like the idea of a reboot.

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Myst2869d ago

This one certainly sounds a lot more promising.

toaster2869d ago

The games looked pretty good to me. I love the exploration and slow pace of Tomb Raider. It looks as if this one will have some horror elements in it which is always welcome, especially since Crystal Dynamics was aiming for a darker tone with Underworld anyways. I'm highly looking forward to this.

Jaces2869d ago

I kind of wish they would have finished Tomb Raider Legend/ Underworlds story before they did this. Can't leave me without some closure guys!!

Aside from that I'm stoked for the reboot of TR, this looks fantastic! Hope they really put some heart into it and make this a Tomb Raider that will bring Lara back in the spotlight.

Redempteur2869d ago

i hope they use the remake to throw in some new good idea to this franchise.

Maybe tomb raider will be one of the few good reboot this gen

e-ray2869d ago

From reading the scans, it's like Tomb Raider, LOST, and Resident Evil or something, thrown into one.

I think I have a boner.

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Newtype2869d ago

Looks like Square Enix is trying to turn Tomb Raider into another FF game.

ROB-OT2869d ago

How? its open world not linear like the newest Final Fantasy game.

Baka-akaB2869d ago

sigh another comment just to troll square enix for the heck of it .

The reboot was underway before SE bought eidos

Run_bare2869d ago

I actually looking forward to play Lara Croft again. Bring em, i want to see if they make a giant leap of improvement. So far, the picture of Lara is not so bad. Maybe change the eyes a little bit.

Cratos87802869d ago

I would have preferred an emo-Lara Croft.

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