PALGN: Final Fantasy XIV Review

PALGN: "The MMORPG market is one of the most competitive genres in gaming; at least, that would be a fair statement if World of Warcraft didn't dominate in sales and player base. Regardless of this though, many other MMORPG's have come and gone over the years in an effort to compete with the monster that Blizzard has created. On the other hand, when gamers think about 'traditional RPG's', one of the first game franchises that comes to mind has to be Final Fantasy, Square-Enix's epic series that has captivated everybody since it debuted in 1987. A wise move then it must be that the Final Fantasy mythology be combined with core MMORPG gameplay attributes to create Final Fantasy XIV, an amalgamation of sorts that hopes to captivate both markets of RPG fans... but does it succeed?"

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