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Saints Row Preview

Love it or hate it, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series has revolutionised gaming. The 2D versions of GTA showed us that there was more to games than the standard genres, and the novel alignment as an antithesis to the usual save-the-world mentality we had in most games. Ethically you could argue it wasn't the best game, but it sure was fun sliding your 'Cossie' or 'Beast GTS' through a line of Harry Krishna's. Then along came GTA 3. In full 3D the game was so vivid, there was three cities to explore, and it was on a mainstream console, namely the Playstation 2.

Saints Row has taken inspiration from GTA and improved upon it, so click the link below for the full preview. (Saints Row, Xbox 360)

Ken Kutaragi  +   3302d ago
We at sony are actually thinhking of having Saints Row on our PS3. SInce we dont have any better games at launch we decided to make it so that we would have atleast something that will sell.

GTA will be EXCLUSIVE to the PS2!!!!!!!!!!!!
I repeat PS2!!!!!!!!!!
DO NOT buy a Wii to play this game!
SEER  +   3302d ago
I am the SEER and i demand that you, Ken K of Sony will lower the price of your upcoming PS3 lol.
Ken Kutaragi  +   3302d ago
Ok I will lower the price by lets see.............

9 cents because of our financial position

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