Universal Playstation: 5 Games We Want To See At The VGA

Universal Playstation: The annual Spike's TV video game awards is just 5 days away and just like every year, expect rumors, expect to be dissapointed, and expect the unexpected. This year has been a great one for Playstation, plenty of great titles but Sony is just warming up, 2011 looks promising already and could be the 3rd consecutive year of the Playstation. We know games such as Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Mass Effect 2, and many other titles are on there way to the PS3 early year next year, Looks like Sony took the "PS3 has no games" back in 2007 a little to serious, Sony has something huge planned for beastly machine at the VGA's, So what could it be? We came up with the 5 best possible games and they are...

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scar202933d ago

I want a LEGEND OF DRAGOON 2 come on sony you know you want money right give us what we want and you will get what you want in return deal?

Bereaver2933d ago

I dunno why someone disagreed with you, unless they really didn't want to.

As for Godmars, you're just talking out of your arse man. Think about it. Wanting a sequel to legend of dragoon is completely separate from actually making it happen. I can preach "I want to be a billionaire" all my life. Do you want to disagree? That you wouldn't want to be a billionaire?

Godmars2902933d ago

Thing is its more likely, far, far, more likely, that someone can come up with a squeal for this game than they'd suddenly become a billionaire. In fact the second would make the first possible.

Just wanting a squeal when there's not so much as an internet rumor - and really, what doesn't it take to start one of those - is just as stupid as wanting to be a billionaire with no effort.

Godmars2902933d ago

There's been at least six Wild Arms six iterations in that span of time.

You want to see a Dragoon 2, you're going to have to go to Sony with a solid concept. Chase down the original team and convince them. Nevermind that the JRPG market is failing in Japan. Has a literal lolita/goth/lace complex.

fight4love2933d ago

isn't it a first party title? any company can remake it now. sad that japanese loves handhelds more than consoles.

Quagmire2933d ago

I dunno bout everyone else, but I would much rather see new adventurous and creative IP's rather than sequels. Sure I love me announcments of Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3, but I would like to see something we havent seen before, concepts which havent been used before, and stories which havent been told before.

beavis4play2933d ago

it depends, quagmire - if those sequels were syphon filter,UC3, demon souls, or jak and daxter - i'd be thrilled.

new IPs are great as long as they end up being good games. but, i don't want new IPs that turn out like "too human" or "haze".

kratos1232933d ago

Both of you guys should be a shamed of yourself how wouldn't want the next cod 14 entirely new warfare 3. You guys aren't even games get out of n4g. Ps I wasn't the guy hoe disagreed

BYE2933d ago

I wanna see:

Syphon Filter 5
Uncharted 3

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