NZGamer: Littlest Pet Shop 3: Biggest Stars Review

NZGamer: "If there’s a young girl of primary school age in your household, chances are she owns at least one of Hasbro’s popular Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) toy sets. If you’re unlucky she has tired of playing with her miniature menagerie, and has asked Santa for a real pocket-sized pooch this Christmas. After all, celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears each own several. Okay, so they’re not exactly great role models, but the message is clear: pets as fashion accessories are… like, totally hot right now! Before you rush out and get a second mortgage for that Cockerspoodlelabradorgi - thus doing your bit to support the puppy farming industry - it’s worth checking out EA’s latest LPS title: Littlest Pet Shop 3: Biggest Stars."

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