First Review for Xbox 360's Blazing Angels 2: 6/10

If you're a huge fan of arcade-style combat flight games and desperately need something new to sate your appetite, you may well find that Blazing Angels is worth persevering with. However, "persevering" is a key word - and despite the game's best efforts, the majority of players will simply find that the effort, patience and anger management skills being demanded of them are vastly disproportionate to the rewards on offer.

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MK_Red3880d ago

I didn't play the first one but the game looks kinda cool and this is the usually harsh EuroGamer. I'll wait for more reviews before dismissing this game.

RadientFlux3880d ago

anyone who played Blazing Angels 1 will probably agree with this score

Skynetone3880d ago

the graphics were spot on, gameplay was varied {for a shoot-em-up}

overall if you like shooting planes / tanks / ships youll like this

reaperxciv3880d ago

an arcadey type flight sim, the reviewer got pwned online by jocks who fly "split S & immelman maneouvers"

MK_Red3880d ago

That's why I'm interested in the game. I'm big arcade shooter fan and avoid sims. This looks like an ideal WW2 arcade shooter. The graphics look kool and eveything else seems alright IMO.

felidae3880d ago

have a promo disc of Blazing Angels 1 for the PS3. So baaad!

Lucidmantra3880d ago

actually it is releasing for all consoles...

So sad for you <WAHH WAH WAHHHHH noise>

ben8063880d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

this was never hyped to be a huge release, unlike lairs AAA status which it never got........

two disagrees? well i must be wrong blazing angels was really over hyped and lair is a AAA rated game.

Bolts3880d ago

Hyped or not this must be the Xbox's version of Lair.

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The story is too old to be commented.