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scar202842d ago

Metal slug and king of fighters 94 f*** yea.

scar202842d ago

And ps3 versions will support online play and friend list support im sold.

crxss2842d ago

Finally a METAL SLUG for PS3!!

showtimefolks2842d ago

psn has become and great source for software along with movies etc,,,,

and best of all its still free

can't waite to play metal slug

Tsar4ever012842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Psst, Big deal. I already have these old greats on the PS2.

Metal slug anthology
Art of fighting anthology
Fatal fury: battle archives 1-2
king of fighters collection: the orochi saga
World Heroes Anthology
Samurai showdown anthology
SNK arcade classics: vol 1

SNK can hardly offer ANYTHING for psn I don't already have.

EmperorDalek2842d ago

So this does not concern you...please move along so those who don't have the games can experience them on their PSP.

kagon012842d ago

I have far better experience with my PS2 using an Arcade in a BOX imo(at least I try to emulate the arcade experience)...

whateva2842d ago

even though I already have them on my old XBOX, I still want them on PS3

Orionsangel2842d ago

It's lucky they're doing this. It's not like we've been able to play Neogeo games on emulation for a decade now.

Dac2u2842d ago

I loved Magician Lord, I blew so much money on that game at the arcade. If it comes to PSN, I'll be buying it.

@Orionsaint: Some people prefer to buy games.

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The story is too old to be commented.