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Submitted by xiren187 1894d ago | news

PS3 3.55 Firmware Now Available

As soon as you boot up your PlayStation 3 while connected on the PlayStation Network, a new update will be pushed through your console. (PS3)

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scar20  +   1894d ago
PS3 It only combats piracy.

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shoddy  +   1894d ago
I love update. Always excited.
I take any free things even if I don't need it.
Dave1351  +   1894d ago
yea who cares if they took the other OS away they give us free minor security updates! :D
Turkish   1893d ago | Spam
Dave1351  +   1893d ago
I actually used it though
Bleucrunch  +   1893d ago
Me too look forward to the next one...shows they are making sure their product works and is in line with today's threats and concerns.
Dave1351  +   1893d ago
lol @ the disagrees

they know if i actually used it or not XD they know my favoriate color and movies too haha
Drac  +   1893d ago
Would that be Lilac and "Pretty in Pink" Dave.
NeoSprtacus  +   1893d ago

Maybe they don't agree with you using it, or agree that you should be complaining that it's gone. Maybe they don't like your addition to the conversation.

Why does everyone who gets disagrees assume that there's /no/ underlying message in their post. You think you're not going to get any disagrees for your latest post, you will.
It's the way of the N4G.

I'm always up for a software update.
Axecution  +   1893d ago

The sony fanboys will disagree with you just because, in their eyes, you attacked sony by mentioning that they removed OtherOS - which was absolutely stupid of them to do since the xmb itself can play mkv or FLAC files, or lots of other things that Linux could do. Like seriously, people used the OtherOS feature. I didn't use it often, but it was the only way to get full quality audio out of my receiver since my computers dont have a super great sound card with HDMI Out or anything.

Everyone on this site that clicked disagree on your post where all you said was that you use it, are all completely dumb ignorant fanboys.

I miss my FLAC files... :( Stupid PS3 not supporting it... >.<
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Neko_Mega  +   1893d ago
An who cares that XBL keeps taking away Dashboards people like.

-_- If you use the OS then you can use it, just can't play PS3 games. So stop trolling.
Sitdown  +   1893d ago
In case you did not notice, this article is about the ps3. Whether Dave is trolling or not, you do nothing but make it worse. In addition, you can not compare the removing of a feature from a console with the change of a design in the UI of another.
Neko_Mega  +   1892d ago

It does remove more then what you think, you can't custom the background with your own picture anymore, in less you had a old profile that had the picture, it removes it.

Theirs alot of little things it removes as well, I count that as the same as removing OS.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1894d ago
Aww dam it...just when I was thinking ID change feature or voice messaging I see this...They could have at least put something useful in like, IDK....rate retail game disc, or maybe 1 button notifications?......Dammit!!!
mantisimo  +   1894d ago
AAAAaaaaarghhhhh, 3.55 bricked my console!!!!!

Only joking but I bet it's not long before someone whines that it has.
meganick  +   1894d ago
3.55 raped my console.
paintsville  +   1893d ago
Yeah ANOTHER forced update. Yeah PS3!!
darthv72  +   1893d ago
When I turned on my ps3 it didnt force me to update. In fact, I had to go to the system update screen and have it search. When it found it I just canceled it.

Maybe sony will at some point make it mandatory but as for last night it wasnt. I'm in California and this was at close to 9pm.
WhittO  +   1893d ago
or maybe press ps button to view new message, or maybe have a number next to the message icon to show how many unread messages you have?

Sooo many simple little add-ons that are needed but we aren't getting ANYTHING.

It is actually making me want to get a 360 because I am sick of them ignoring what people want, I mean, I have not seen 1 SINGLE PERSON ask for a video editor (that is totally useless and doesn't deserve the name btw), people want so many different things improved/added/tweaked but we get NONE of them.

They have obviously dropped most of their support for the FW updates.

You may pay for Xbox Live, but look at the amount of extra features you get, I was looking at all of the things you can do with Gamer Tag profiles/Parties/look at each others games etc on my m8s 360 and the PSN is not even comparable, really makes the PSN gamer tags/menus/features really antiquated and bare-bones - most of all slow.

It may be free, but you get what you pay for, in everything. At least MS is still improving their OS and still adding new USEFUL GAMING FEATURES.
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ThanatosDMC  +   1893d ago
My PS3 became Skynet after the update! It ate my dog too!
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1893d ago

I used it and I'm not sitting at 3.15 :(

But let's take the stupid fanboy bias out of this, all these minor updates are a little annoying. I have to sit there watch and update take 20 minutes to download just to play a round of CoD before going to work/school.
King-Leonidas  +   1893d ago
20 minutes? mine took less than 10...
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1893d ago
Took YOU 10 minutes.
Nitrowolf2  +   1894d ago
I love updates and all
but this is just so tiny
I want Sony to surprise me with another update that is loaded with new features.
I hope we don't see these keep springing up.
Stay the F away hackers, you guys should be fine with your 3.41

hmm actually with the launch of select quest, i have a feeling this update is also for that (applies to selected members)

oh and give it a few hours before we see
"3.55 broke my PS3" article
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Forbidden_Darkness  +   1894d ago
I think it has to do with the Reward Quests too. Would make sense.
FarEastOrient  +   1894d ago
I'm running around with the Killzone 3 "Select" PSN Avatar, I wonder what the pros look like.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1894d ago
Tiny huh? ask pirates how tiny exactly it is, they'll tell you it's pretty big, so stfu and move on
scar20  +   1894d ago
I have never had a ps3 brake after an update and i have 4 of them so im guessing most people do something when it's updating that your not suppose to.
plstcsldgr  +   1894d ago
I've installed every update since 1.1 none of them bricked my playstation.
red2tango  +   1894d ago
update 2.40 bricked some consoles, my friend's 40gb bricked. that is why i record every time i update so i can show sony in case.
pixelsword  +   1894d ago
for me, I make sure I have nothing that can be accessed while I'm uploading like my controller connected to the PS3 (recharging) or any memory sticks. I know that I tend to dump my demos down to about two or three before I download sometimes and I also put everything into folders so that any animations are not running in the background while the download is occurring.

I'm a little paranoid, but unlike a lot of people, I went through three or four 60Gb PS3's and I Lord willing this current one will last more than ten years.

I forget, but I also may or may not log into the Playstation Network, but I can't remember if I do that or not because it's been a while since the last update.
baodeus  +   1894d ago
no i'm not sure, i just bought a brand new slim and it died right after the update. Return it for a new one and it works, no problem. Don't know what happen.
strend  +   1893d ago
@ Scar20
Always wondered the same thing. I bought a 20Gb at launch and haven't had a single issue. Doubt there has a been a day that has went by were between me and my three girls that we haven't played a game or watched movies or just watched TV shows on it via Playon/Hulu. I know electronics fail and maybe I'm just fortunate but if people would just take the time once a month and blow out the dust and take care of it i wonder how mane people would save them some downtime and money on every platform. As for bricking during updating Im sure there are checksums in place where if you didnt get the correct download that it wouldnt install and what people might do that millions can update correctly with a few that screw it up some how. Not for sure what the real story is on that
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ian72  +   1893d ago
I am on my 4th PS3 (original 60gig), but don't worry about updates breaking them. I have had 1 blu-ray failure and 2 YLOD's. I'm now on my fourth and hopefully this will last a bit longer.
I do take good care with them, always keep them clean and out in the open so air can circulate and keep it cool. Just had a bit of bad luck I think.
Graphics  +   1894d ago
Just give up....
rezzah  +   1894d ago
Luckily there are not any people like you that work for Sony....

Not sure if you can tell, but no one wants the PS3 to end up like the 360 in terms of piracy...

Unless you're a 360 fanboy?
Graphics  +   1894d ago
How is piracy affecting 360 gamers? Are games more expensive? are less games being developed for the 360? Nothing is happening, so why would you care how ps3 would end up if it wouldn't effect you? Is it the fact that you care for the protection of sony and developers? If thats the case I hope you donate money to all charities out their and help out every homeless person in the streets you see because you should worry about those people then a multi million $ company..
Saga Kin   1894d ago | Spam
badz149  +   1894d ago
I would say DUMB!
chainer3000  +   1894d ago
Graphics, that is impressively short sighted of you. Congratulations.
rezzah  +   1894d ago
Hope youre not a hypocrite
You speak as if you spend all your time helping others non stop. I know I surely would be a better person if I was like that. But I doubt you are. You used giving to charity as a way to make me think how I care for the protection of a system. Nice.

Piracy doesnt affect 360 gamers directly, it affects the company. And then for w/e reasons the company may make plans and changes, for better or worse, that will and can affect the consumer. And sure, it is a possibility that games can become more expensive in the long term.

Are less games being developed for the 360? Ask yourself this, how much games can be made from 500 million (Kinect ads only)? Im pretty sure enough to bring in mroe cash than the sales of Kinect itself.

If you choose to see nothing is happening now, who knows maybe your right. But if you stay stuck in the present then you take a risk for having a good chance at a better future. That good future can give us better, more, and hopefully cheaper games within a year.
#3.1.5 (Edited 1894d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report
Mmmkay  +   1893d ago
it's not like the 360 has had any new games last couple of years so piracy could be the answer to that....
THILLREBORN  +   1894d ago
Don't be a tool, I do give to charities and I do buy food and give cash to homeless people....I bet you don't though. I also can't stand people who think everything should be free and are such scum that they simply say stop trying to defend a companies right to prevent sir make me sick to my stomach.
rjdofu  +   1894d ago
GTFO, dumbass.
mantisimo  +   1894d ago
@ Graphics.

Uh less 360 games? Seems to be, unless you love Kinect enough not to care about "proper" games.

Now go and tickle your tiger.
YoungKingDoran  +   1893d ago
do you work for free?
Lirky  +   1894d ago
if ppl pirate blu ray games for ps3 sony should just make larger/longer games like 50gb+ games from every sony exclusive so that it takes 4 - 6 weeks for ppl to try to pirate a game lol.
rezzah  +   1894d ago
lol that would be awesome.
baodeus  +   1894d ago just asking them to put in uncompress music/video etc too fill the disc space. Either that, or it gonna take them 5+ years just to come out with games and selling at the same price. You supporting Sony, but i don't see how this ideas helping them if at all (for once, i don't think pirating care about long download....really they care about that?)
Bolts  +   1893d ago
Thats the only antipiracy measure that I approve.
enkeixpress  +   1894d ago
Best PS3 firmware update ever! :D

BryanBegins  +   1894d ago
Comments about the lack of cross-game chat in 3...2...1..
Red_Phoenix  +   1894d ago
Where is it!?!? /jk :)
shoddy  +   1894d ago
Whiner will come out and whine.
People should learn how to be grateful.
Bolts  +   1893d ago
"Gateful"? For what?
shoddy  +   1893d ago
grateful for free stuff you idiot.
don't ur mom teach you that you spoil brat.
Bolts  +   1893d ago
Unlike you, my mom didn't buy my PS3 for me. There is nothing that constitute as free stuff in this update so you obviously have no idea WTF you're talking about.
#6.1.4 (Edited 1893d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
sharif699  +   1894d ago
I dont see why people are hating this update, sure it doesn't give you some new shiny feature that you want, but its a positive thing nonetheless and FREE
enkeixpress  +   1894d ago
I think there is some secret behind-the-scenes stuff in this update..

An update just to patch up a lil' security hole shouldn't take that long to download..

This one did. I'm sure there's a little something in there..
#8 (Edited 1894d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1894d ago
Well they aways add some XMB optimizations (consuming less memory, removing any possible redundance, making everything more stable, etc), plus they can be adding something related to that reward system.
Super-Brad  +   1893d ago
I doubt that this time. :(

I believe this security patch fixes the downgrade that the JailBreak teams had designed. Considering the 3.5 downgrade hack was released just a couple of days ago, I think Sony just found a fix and added to the old 3.5 update, adding no more features but instead recompiling it as 3.55.
#8.2 (Edited 1893d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
fullmetal156  +   1894d ago
people always hate when it comes to free updates u seriously cant take 5 mins of your life and add a feature that will possibly make the system better for all, jeez and don't give me that x.xx firmware broke my ps3 crap. anyway looking forward to some new features also :)
TANUKI  +   1894d ago
Exactly! I like my consoles WORKING and SECURED, thank you very much.
denero1  +   1894d ago
so this is a forced update or do i have a choice -_- maybe 3.60 will provide actual features

well atleast the pirates get some attention -_-

o and sony thanks for fixing the browser since most sites dont work because of flash upgrades . . .

#10 (Edited 1894d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Ashby_JC  +   1894d ago
So glad I saw this about an update. Im watching MNF and was gonna get some BBC2 action in later on tonight.

So now I can update while I watch the game. Otherwise I would have been pissed thst I had to wait on a slow ass update to upload :(
s45gr32  +   1894d ago
PS3 piracy did screw up a portion of PS3 gamers. Due to the PS3 supposedly hacked the Other OS feature was taken out and now they have limited the third party usb devices. Great and well its great to have a system secured and all but does Sony need to take out features or limit the PS3 just to combat piracy. Is there no other way and the best way is the one nobody wants due to invasion of privacy. Ok so we can hook up cameras to PS3 and 360 i.e. Kinect and PS eye. How about take a real life picture of all gamers that sign up to PSN or xbox live gold. This will truly end piracy due to the fact that say corporations know how you look like in real life. For this username and passwords well they are not working.
baodeus  +   1894d ago
well then they would ran into another issue: privacy (instead of piracy) which i think it could be worst and will not go well with the public.

It also doesn't work, because what if you let many other people (family, friends, etc...) used your console?

Plus, now those coporates have to add another department just to look up and keep track of all of those things -> cost more money, when they can simply just fight it by updating more frequently.
#12.1 (Edited 1894d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ace660  +   1894d ago
Something I noticed, the font is bold again. Noticed it while using the browser (at least it changed something else.)
Mister_G  +   1894d ago
Firmware updates are now incremental, so hopefully this is a small (quick) download.

I fully support any move to tighten security if it stops these scumbag cheap-ass pirates!

Edit: Just noticed a comment from enkeixpress, seems like its not a small download, interesting :)
#14 (Edited 1894d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SilverSlug  +   1894d ago
Was small, did nothing. But also took no time. On with my day of chopping through my back catolgue of games.
MetalFreakMike  +   1894d ago
I noticed that trophies sync the way they used to with the small percentage then it shooting to 100 percent. Other than that tho, I did not really notice anything different.
ShinFuYux  +   1893d ago
Anyone else can't log in into PSN? It says it can't detect my connection, which is bull, my laptop uses the same wifi connection and obviously its working fine. SO, this update did something to my connection, it wont detect it....
johnbrown4  +   1893d ago
I had the same problem, connection not detected, but restarting the router fixed it.
InItForTheGames  +   1893d ago
Cat and mouse with the hackers. See what you hackers have done now we all have to deal with useless firmware updates that wouldn't have been needed. It might only take 2 mins but damn that 2 mins on GT5!!
artynerd  +   1893d ago
Awesome. One more useless update for the PS3 that takes 10-15 minutes to download, then install.

I also like how the PS3 told me I needed to update before using Netflix, then backed out and tried a few more times and it just let me use it.

I own both consoles, and when it comes to system updates or downloading demos or game updates, Sony is riding the fail whale.

Fanboys with only PS3s who take product criticism personally will disagree.
Thecraft1989  +   1893d ago
A. It dose not take 10-15mins to download 5 at the most unless your on terrible connection

B. Sony give you a free online service and you complain about them protecting you from having a load people run around with loads mods on getting free games.

C. ''Sony is riding the fail whale'' Sony are destroying piracy attempts on ps3 I don't see how thats a fail When other competitors where hacked within weeks and have a massive unstoppable piracy scene. For instance Microsoft tryed to stop pirates with newer games but that was cracked in week.
Mmmkay  +   1893d ago
both consoles eh? the snes and 5200 ?
Look_Behind  +   1893d ago
I had a PS3 since release in the UK. I still have it except Im still at the 3.41 version. I got a RROD Xbox for £20 in April and I fixed it, Since then my PS3 just gathered dust. I will be 100% honest in the 2 years before getting my Xbox I thought the PS3 was better and that the Xbox was terrible but deep down I always wanted the user friendliness of the Xbox even if I did have to pay £40 a year. Anyway, I found out about all this hacking and stuff on the PS3 so I simply didnt upgrade my PS3 until I got my USB thingy that hacks the PS3. Now Im on my PS3 more than my Xbox. I leave my Xbox on with my headset on so I can talk to my friends but I appear offline and play my PS3. I play doom on my PS3 because some guy created an emulator.
I will be honest, the PS3 has more features and does alot more than the Xbox, but the Xbox is alot user friendly and has more valuable features (Sadly its £40 :( ). I belive now I have the best of both worlds, Xbox for online games and talking to friends; PS3 for offline games.
Call me a fanboy or whatever, you are simply just denying the facts.
DarkFantasy  +   1893d ago
update was small and took no time to download and even faster to install,i just wish the ps3 had background updates, but not a big problem at all,i can't believe how some people have issues with little updates its not like we get them every week or some thing,stop makeing more of a deal out of it then it is.
xstation79  +   1893d ago
Wow another useless update. Of course sony fanboys are pretending to be excited as usual. Oh well, atleast you get to keep your features with this one.
oguzsasi  +   1893d ago
When i see a new update,
I have big hopes for a capture feature since the beginning of this generation. Everytime i was like " Please this time make it happen plese! " Now 4 years have past and my hopes are for another generation. I refused to buy a capture device if my console got the feature from the day i bought it! It really pisses me off! I just wanna put my hundreads of hours gaming moments on the net and share them with the world!

Just please dont start that " Capture feature is inside PS3 and its up to devs! " thing again please!
edoman20  +   1893d ago
Still sony asstards fanboys dont understand nothing

The scene is much more than piracy

Wow, how can a fanboy be so retarded
#23 (Edited 1893d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
boredknight   1893d ago | Spam
Bounkass  +   1893d ago
God damnit... Another USELESS update. Sony! WTF!?
RiSEABOV3THiS  +   1893d ago
Another update, Another disappointment.

It's got to the stage where I feel were somewhat in the stone age of gaming when it comes to PS3.
We wanna see something new and fresh not security updates or browser updates that make barely a difference.
Dr-Zoidberg  +   1893d ago
They do make a difference.... just not to the untrained eye lol
coolstorybro1993   1893d ago | Spam

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