Million Seller Watch: PS3

VGC: "Last Week we analyzed the Wii's MIllion Sellers, today we will check on Sony's power house console; the PS3. Checking Vgchartz data we found out that the PS3 has a total of 74 titles that sold over a million units worldwide."

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2930d ago
Gamerfans2930d ago

The move helped big time!

BeOneWithTheGun2930d ago

It's VGChartz. Gotta give or take a Sextillion.

WaggleLOL2930d ago

Yep. The laughably fake vgchartz made up console sales are nothing compared to the ridiculously fake software sales numbers.

Vgchartz is long overdue to be banned from this site.

r1sh122930d ago

we should all stop giving that very bad website hits.
Each time I see their URL, Im not clicking it anymore!

AAACE52930d ago

Is it me, or does it seem like multiplats sell more than exclusives? I know it's VGchartz, but people kept going on and on about exclusives, yet those arent the highest selling games on the Ps3! On average, a Ps3 exclusive sells 2-3 million based on these figures. There are over 30 million Ps3's world wide... Why aren't the exclusives selling more? Especially when they have the best of everything!

showtimefolks2930d ago

ps3 will have atleast 1 million lead on xbox360.
wii will keep selling less and less and by late 2012-early 2012 ps3 will lead WW and if MS keep their word and we don't get a new xbox than xbox360 will be 2nd

but since launch ps3 has outsold xbox360 WW and keep this in mind there are many countries in the world which just got their ps2's last year in suth america and middle east.

so ps3 hasn't really launch WW

don't hate or disagree ps3 has outsold xbox360 ww since lauch and that's a FACT

showtimefolks2930d ago

won't make it any easier on wii or xbox360

WaggleLOL2930d ago


The PS3 already is ahead of the 360 in worldwide installed base.

MaximusPrime2930d ago

IMO without xbox360 lame year headstart, ps3 already ahead. I LOL'd at those who claim ps3 is in third place

GameTavern2929d ago

This doesn't make any sense at all, well the PS3 is closing the gap on the 360, its doing it really slowly. I mean what something like 2 million over 4 years?
And even if the Wii stopped selling today, the PS3 would need to sell at its current rate for about 3 years to match let alone surpass Wii games.

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Cyrus3652930d ago

Can't believe CoD: MW 2 sold nearly 9 mill on PS3, when there are other more deserving games that are way better with half those sales, or less.

Sunny_D2930d ago

Soon GT5 shall be the best selling PS3 game.

Cyrus3652930d ago

I hope so, anything to beat CoD 4: MW2.

Mista T2930d ago

the key is in the advertising, simple as that.

Umb2930d ago

And millions of mindless sheep!

rezzah2930d ago

what also helped where those killer deals sony set everywhere from Toys r us to amazon. Each bundle exclusive to the set place. The deal is amazing and one of my friends in class who doesnt even game much said he bought it (ps3) recently for the deal itself. Plus it came with a sports game, which are the only type he plays.

Woo Sony! Go kick rival (not the 360 only you fanboys) ass.

SpitFireAce852930d ago

Another lame article by VGcrap charts...most of those
games are way off on the units sold.Also what a shame
that COD populates 4 spots of the top 10 list...:(

Just shows how people miss out on some great games
Because of that rehashed/milked to death franchise..

Redrum0592930d ago

lol death franchise

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