Details emerge on IGN and GameStop merger

From Paul Gale Network: "Since this morning's big announcement of IGN and GameStop merging, new details have come forth including how the advertising and other networking properties will co-exist."

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PoopyTheMac2931d ago

The only thing I need to know about now is Game Informer.

thebudgetgamer2931d ago

favorite video game magazine in twenty plus years of gaming.

FarEastOrient2931d ago

As long as the writers and editors don't get fired I'm happy

Lightsaber2931d ago

the worst gaming site merging with the worst gaming store sounds like a perfect fit to me

The_Nameless_One2931d ago

Game Informer has it's good moments. What gets to me about GI is that they never seem to want to push the envelop but instead always tread the safe line.

thebudgetgamer2931d ago

they exclusive reveals and i like thinks like game infarcer and the sacred cow bbq.

showtimefolks2931d ago

than best of luck to you its hard to trust them anymore

one thing i do like about their site is they do a lot of previews and they have all the breaking news before any other gaming site

despair2931d ago

why are people approving this? There are no quoted sources, nothing on any website or news network about it and some random name site spewing nonsense with zero proof is to be taken seriously?

Please delete or block this stupidity, at least one "article" on this fake story has been approved, don't make it a second one.

Dorwrath2931d ago

If they started deleting stupid or fake articles on this site this site would quickly die. A good 70% of articles on N4G fall into those categories lol.

SurfnUSA2931d ago

Wow the fact that IGN will be putting ads in a big way on GameStop makes me uneasy about their reviews.....

metsgaming2931d ago

they couldnt get anymore biased and full of flamebait than they already are.

Timesplitter142931d ago

they're not that bad. Give me some examples of unfair reviews

johnbrown42931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

It's not like one person runs IGN, some reviewers are better and can give more reliable opinions and other are bad and their writing fells sometimes like some fanboy teenager rant.


I thought this was about IGN and Gamespot. Never mind.

Zachmo1822931d ago

lol at first i thought it said gamespot to.

wsoutlaw872931d ago

ya dont worry me too. I was worried because i like gamespot slightly more.

YoungKingDoran2931d ago

yep me too. i was going to come in here screaming about the apocalypse

Too_many_games2931d ago

its like merging crap with cow crap...

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The story is too old to be commented.