IGN: PlayStation Year in Review 2010

This year began on the highest of high notes. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves had been released during the holiday rush of 2009, and that meant it was getting all sorts of honors in the first few weeks of 2010, which included IGN's own Game of the Year award, marking the PlayStation 3's first exclusive to ever take home the honor. From there, Sony went full-throttle into a massive first half.

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Bonerjam2931d ago

This year wasnt great for sony but next year will be huge

Dannehkins2931d ago

Please tell me you're joking, this year was lined with a variety of different exclusives as well as being combined with some great multiplatform games.

I suppose it does come down to personal preference, but I don't think by any means this year was bad for Sony. I think they did pretty well actually.

Bonerjam2931d ago

I dont think it was a bad year it was just ok for me but that may be because next year is gonna be packed with great titles

TOO PAWNED2931d ago

I am not even going to click on that link. Reading douchy comments that are supposed to be funny, no thx

etownone2931d ago

This wasn't a great year for Sony ... why do sonyfans hate to admit it?
for PS3:
2009 was awesome
2011 looks very awesome

but this year ... it was delays, some really bad ports, few exclusives, and the final blow was GT5's average metacritic review.
Not to mention ... the gap between PS3 and the 360 is getting bigger.

Only on N4G will people say Sony had a better year then the 360, while the rest of the world will say Xbox most definitely had the better year.

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mandf2931d ago

Yeah well God of War3 was higher rated than any 360 exclusive this year.

sdtarm2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

"he gap between PS3 and the 360 is getting bigger."
where tha fk do you get this from?

"GT5's average metacritic review."
So 87 is average go eat a fkin rat btch, GT is the best driving sim, content makes it all and all is all the flaws the game has, the formula is fun and its soooooooooooo much i wont have to repeat a single race without lookin for a new accomplishment in at least 2 years to come
"some really bad ports",
sure... Triple Bufferin in vanquish says HIII, Black ops is sht and i dont care bout it theyre doin it intentionally
"few exclusives"
GoW, HV, MR, GT5, 3DDtGmeH, etc etc all genre all tastes shut your mouth dude you dont kno what ur talkin about... and 2011 is gonna step teh bar in quality

Lionhead2931d ago

Terrible troll like usual.

He seems to print 360 rules PS3 drools across every post of his, then comes in here trying to talk down people who actually enjoyed the PS3 this year.

What is with the 360 trolls lately? Came out of their cave because of strong Kinect sales and some bad GT5 reviews, and now they are back in hiding (just the usuals like this guy now).

NegativeCreepWA2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

All around it was a pretty boring year for gaming, the only thing that saved it for me was getting my first gaming rig and playing all the PC games I never got a chance to. Next year looks to be one of the best years in gaming ever.
I don't how people are saying this was a good year, when it was crap compared the last couple years.

Packed with exclusives? There's 2-4 worth noting from either company.

NegativeCreepWA2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Damn, look at the fanboy disagrees. Really what was so great about this year in gaming? God of War? Great game but hardly enough to keep a person busy. Face it, compare it to last year and it sucked. KZ2 and Uncharted 2 alone put this whole year to shame. And if you look at the games coming out next year this year looks even worse.

Clarence2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Really the final blow was GT5 getting average metric score, yet it has sold 2.4m in 4 days. The gap between PS3 and the 360 is getting bigger. Only on N4G do people say that M$ had a better year than Sony. Meanwhile the the PS3 has outsold the 360 this year so far by 2m.

Here is what Your friend Aron said at the beginning of the 2010

Greenberge goes on to say that the 360 outsold the PS3 in 2009 more lies. The PS3 outsold the 360's in 2009 by at least 2m.

Now its 2010 and the PS3 is still out selling the 360

Stop lying to yourself friend. Sony has been having a far better year than M$. Kinect sales will dwarf ipad numbers.
that was funny.
How this little article.
Those guys at M$ love to lie.

RedDevils2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

@etownone because dumbass like you doesn't know shit is good or not, oh wait a minute did I said Shit is good? ok etownone think shit is good no wonder he couldn't see anything better

MRMagoo1232931d ago

I actually lol'd in real life when i read the thing about 360 increasing the gap on the ps3 wow that has got to be THE comment of the year for sheer stupidity and fantardedness keep up the good work there etownone you soon will have that douchebag of the universe title you so desperately need.

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BlackBusterCritic2931d ago

Sony dominated this year, brah.

And that obviously makes me a fanboy. =)

Clarence2931d ago

WOW! I think your lying to yourself and everyone on here knows it.

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Red_Phoenix2931d ago

They were bashing GT5 for like half that review. Last I checked this was supposed to be a "Year in Review" and GT5 literally just came out. They didn't even fully review it yet, because of the level up process, and they have the nerve to keep on bashing it.

Buffniceguy2931d ago

IGN is a joke any score they give shouldn't be taken seriously :)

Red_Phoenix2931d ago

I honestly never cared for their review of GT5, but the way they keep ruining its rep is disgracing. Everyone found their review to be bs, they even mention it in their own review "IGN gave the game an 8.5 with reviewer Martin Robinson infamously writing "Gran Turismo 5 is a 10/10 simulator wrapped up in a 5/10 game," and many readers rioted." I can still never understand that statement. The game is a simulator!

morganfell2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Agreed. If IGN were the last people on the planet I still couldn't care what they have to say about anything.

As far as GT5 being a stumble, millions of gamers are ignoring IGN and getting on with the business of great gaming. In action there is truth. And the truth is gamers love GT5. So IGN can say what they will but they will be to blame for their own irrelevance. Ignore the people and you'll pay the price.

Rageanitus2931d ago

I doubt they really put effort into the game after beginner mode... alot of my xbox fanboy friends said the game is too easy.. .I was like did you try the lvl 4 tracks without upgrading your car..... silence... meaning they didnt even it graze the surface of the game.

karl2931d ago

"Although 8.5 is an awesome score and the game is great, in some ways, Gran Turismo 5 was a stumble for Sony, and that's where we are now. That's how Sony ends 2010.

That sucks."

JOJO .. this guys are trolls with journalist licence xD
how the hell are they allowed to write anything xDDD

oh wait wait.. i got another one

" leaves 2010 flat for Sony. Again, there's no doubting that it was a year packed with awesomeness, but there's really no "bang" at the end of this fireworks show."

honestly i only read the end of both pages xDD.. im sure they say a few good things around the middle.. but this closure its all i need to feel sorry for their ignorance...

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