IGN: Nintendo Year in Review 2010

Super Mario Galaxy. Pokemon. Donkey Kong Country. Goldeneye. Many huge titles hit Nintendo platforms in 2010, but while the Wii soared with quality software, the DS was pretty barren.

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Shok2847d ago

When it comes to the amount of quality games, the Wii won this year.

eagle212847d ago

Wii had a brilliant year of games...and Wii are not finished yet!!!!!!!!!! :)

Shnazzyone2847d ago

Damn good year that's fer sure.

Venox20082847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

this year was sooo good :) I haven't finished all good games of 2010 yet,so much to play.. :)

AWBrawler2846d ago

same hear. I still have to beat 007, Epic Mickey, Sonic Colors and DKC Returns!! This year is the Wii's year