GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - LittleBigPlanet 2

In GameSpot's latest video feature Sophia Tong and Shaun McInnis get together and play some LittleBigPlanet 2!

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UNCyrus2782d ago

Jan. 18th isn't that far away...

Redrum0592782d ago

cant wait for the sequal.

BeOneWithTheGun2782d ago

Too far for me, er, my kid. Yes, my kid cannot wait!

nsnsmj2782d ago

I know! I'm gonna pre-order soon....I know this game isn't about the graphics, but WOW. It looks so real, as in all the materials and stuff. Looks like a friggin Pixar movie or something.

TheLastGuardian2782d ago

Wow, I'm so psyched for this game. I'm glad the single player is more story driven this time.

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topgeareasy2782d ago

much better video quality than the GT5 one

shutupandplay2782d ago

I`m sure it will be a good game, but it`s not a must have title.

Dannehkins2782d ago

Judging by the amount of disagrees, I do believe your little assumption there is wrong.

Unlucky sunshine. :)

thebudgetgamer2782d ago

lbp is one of the top three new ip's this gen.

-Alpha2782d ago

What kind of blasphemy is that! :P

Maybe it isn't for you but it's a must have in my books.

theunleashed642782d ago

nope! he's a bonafide true microsoft fanboy, check it out his comment history tells it all.

Ultraplayerxd2782d ago

You would say no to this???

Heavy_Rain2782d ago

Idiot! Why do you come on every ps3 article. Dont you have any game to play on the 360. Kinectimals looks like a lot of fun and you have epic kinect games to look forward to in 2011. Why dont you play that crap and stop polluting ps3 boards. If you dont have any game on the 360 to play and comment on and if you dont have enough money to buy another console then stfu and get a job and quit gaming.

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HelghastDrake2782d ago

So are they bashing this game just like they bashed Gt5 for stupid crap? Or is Lamespot actually being fair about this one.

UNCyrus2782d ago

It's a positive general impression

Rage_S902782d ago

what they liked it im you baffle me

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The story is too old to be commented.